Saturday 17 December 2016

Susan Wheeler and Hummingbirds

Hello dear friends....  Don't you just love Susan Wheeler's illustrations?
I thought I'd post some here today instead of the recipes I was going to post about. We probably all have had enough recipes for now.

The Hummingbird Story?  Well, we've had two females that have been around, one is very bossy and territorial never letting the other one close to the feeder. Well, this morning she was out there bright and early defending 'her' territory when a large male Anna's zoomed in. She did her usual threatening moves but he was not impressed and, in fact, he chased her off and she got a taste of her own medicine. Now he sits on a bare branch and watches for intruders. So my new feeder with 4 lovely feeding spots still only serves to keep one Hummer alive. Does anyone know how far away I would have to put a different feeder so this male would allow another Hummingbird access?

Thanks for visiting today,

                         Granny Marigold


  1. What adorable illustrations! What a dilemma you are having with your humming birds. Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question.

  2. No idea, what a big bully, perhaps he is just passing through, hope your girl hummers come back:)

  3. Aren't those pictures adorable! Wish I could make my whole house as sweet and cozy as those little rooms. I don't understand hummingbirds. We usually have one that guards the feeder, keeping the others away. There seems to be more fighting going on than eating. But the nectar sure disappears in a hurry. I've been meaning to ask about your bunny. It is hard to spend time with them and enjoy them in this cold weather. Bunnies are more fun is warm weather.

  4. Very cute illustrations.
    I can't advise you on the hummer feeders. We just have then come to whatever is blooming in the yard, which now with the hard frost is not much.

  5. Beautiful illustrations. Sadly I know nothing about hummingbirds.

  6. Very beautiful illustrations indeed.

  7. I adore Susan Wheeler's illustrations. I have a couple of her books. Every time I look through them I want to move right into those cozy homes she creates :).
    As far as the hummingbirds go, I am unable to answer your question. We have seen two coming towards the feeder together, but one always seems to chase the other away. I'm always amazed to see some people's feeders fully loaded with birds. Have you read the Mennonite Girls blog post today? Just came from there where she was featuring the hummers at their feeders.

  8. I love Susan Wheelers illustrations. They are so cute and I love the colours
    Good luck with your Hummingbirds
    Phoebe x