Friday 9 December 2016


                                                                   photo from the internet

We awoke to a snow-covered world today and the snow continues to fall. So beautiful!!
I've been going out every hour or so to bring the Hummingbird feeder in, thawing and warming slightly before going to hang it out again,  For next winter I'm going to have more than one feeder since there have been issues  becaue one particular Hummer likes to defend its food source. Another thing I mean to do is have is enough feeders so I can exchange warm ones for frozen and eliminate the need for the warming up step.

The ground-feeding birds are not forgotten. I swept an area clear of snow and spread seed. No use putting down much because the snow quickly covers the seed. Keeping all my feathered friends fed is certainly keeping me hopping. Our snow never stays around very long and all too soon we'll be back to rain.

So far I've noticed countless Juncos and Chickadees, quite a few Sparrows, one Spotted Towhee and one Robin. Towhees are regular winter guests but the Robin must be very sorry he didn't go South with his flock.

Have an enjoyable weekend,

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                    Granny Marigold


  1. I have been following your forecast and saw you were receiving snow. It is hard to keep snow cleared from under the feeders. You have most of the same birds that we have. I find the junco's will dig in the snow to get at the food.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Yay! You are a kind bird advocate!

  3. The chickadees are steady visitors to the seed feeder outside the family room window and the juncos can be seen here flitting all over the yard. Towhees and varied thrush have been spotted. Our snow was thin and most of the ground is exposed here, but icy from the almost frozen rain. Brrrr.

  4. I am sure the Hummer appreciates the juice. Our birds here will scratch for seeds:)

  5. I fill our feeders every three or four days. My grandson helped me fill them on Sunday and the one in the front is still three quarters full and the one in the back only about half full. The birds must have found better food in the neighbors' yards!!

  6. You are so good to look after the birds, they bring us so much joy they deserve a little pampering.

  7. Oh, I can just imagine how beautiful it must look. It is a job to keep the birds fed when it's snowing. I did not know that hummingbirds would stay around in cold weather. Here, they all leave around the first of October and come back around the first of April. That snowy picture you found on the internet is simply beautiful!

  8. Our feeder is very busy too! More snow coming they are saying now, and not the rain they were predicting yesterday. Abbotsford cancelled their farmers market, I hope White Rock doesn't. It might be 'interesting' getting there tomorrow morning though.