Monday 5 December 2016


We walked in snow this morning. It was very close to being rain and fell very wetly. Later it turned to the soft flakes that are so pretty to watch but later still we were back to light rain.  The next two days are forecast to be cold and clear but by Thursday more snow!

Daughter #2 has this week off work and we went browsing in a delightful store full of pretty Christmassy things.  She had to cut our shopping short to go to a hair appointment but tomorrow we'll be going to do more shops!  Such fun to share the time with her.

Thanks for coming by,

                       Granny Marigold


  1. Softly falling snow is so pretty at this time of year, makes everything look so much more festive although wet snow like you are getting is pretty messy! We are expecting our first winter storm with a projected 15-30 cm of snow! Maybe we'll have a snow day? Enjoy your outing with S. tomorrow! So much more fun sharing an outing like that with someone special!

  2. There's nothing like having a day to spend with a daughter...especially shopping. You post the sweetest pictures. We haven't seen any snow yet.

  3. I would love to see a snowfall right about now. Your snowy scenes are so cute.
    How fun to go shopping with your daughter. Enjoy!

  4. My daughter and family are here for a week's visit. They will be heading back to Virginia on Saturday morning and it will be very quiet here again.

  5. Sounds like the snow we had here.
    Have fun shopping with your daughter.

  6. No snow here yet, although there has been some in the UK on high ground. Enjoy spending quality time with your daughter shopping. Take care.

  7. I heard you were to get snow. We received a bit yesterday but it quickly melted.
    Glad you had such a nice day with your daughter. I miss being able to shop with my Mum.
    Have a great time!

  8. I think we got a bit more snow than you. It sure was variable. Burnaby got as much as 18cm, and people in Mission said they had none. Sure looking forward to the sunshine today :)