Monday 12 December 2016

More This and That

        I'm still busy keeping the Hummingbird's feeder refilled with warm sugar solution.  When this little one flew into a snowy shrub I snapped a quick picture but.....

 I can't make out where it is in all the ice/snow. How those tiny bids can survive the cold is amazing.

                          This is my snowy back yard.

The accumulated ice on the bedroom skylight. The tall trees are on the neighbours yard but overhang onto ours. All night frozen lumps of icy snow fell on the skylight. I was afraid it would crack!!   Didn't sleep very well.

It sure is pretty though.  Hope you're off to a great start this  week, the last full week of school before the break.

Thanks for visiting,

          Granny Marigold


  1. I just checked our forecast for the week. Looks like snow has been put on hold. Good. We have events this week the require people to drive.
    No rain either. That is a true gift!

  2. The snow does look really pretty, we have none forecast for the foreseeable future.

  3. It is remarkable that such a tiny bird can survive. How kind of you to make sure they have food. Looks like you have as much snow as we do.
    Be careful and stay warm!

  4. You must have a full time job keeping the Hummers in warm sugar water:)

    1. Just this morning my DH came home with another Hummingbird feeder. This one has 4 "feed stations" so hopefully the birds will share as so far one keeps running the others off. Also this will enable me to bring a frozen one indoors and exchange it for a thawed one. We set a record this morning for this day... minus 9C...15F

  5. Brrrrr! Stay warm, Granny Marigold!

  6. Oops! I almost missed this post. It looks cold there!! Looks like those little hummingbirds would freeze. They sure need that sugar water you are giving them. You are so nice. It is a job keeping the feeders filled and thawed.

  7. We aren't feeding any hummers, but have to carry buckets of warm water out for the chickens and sheep a few times a day. That job is starting to get 'old'!