Thursday 1 December 2016

Tea Cups

I had a fun time at the thrift store yesterday. I found some pretty Pansy patterned dishes. I already had these 3 tea cups and the small platter...

                      and these are the new items.
                     I now have enough to warrant a small cupboard just for Pansy dishes.

There was a stack of saucers with no matching cups. I chose these 4 lovelies. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll find their matching cups.

These Sadler Christmas tea cups were an especially exciting find for me.  Today I rearranged my cupboards so I have a designated shelf now for Christmas dishes. I had fun.

This is the way my mother would store her tea cups and I do too  if I have 4 matching ones.

Last of all I looked in the basket that has odd cups marked very cheaply. This one appealed to me.For a dollar I made it part of my collection of "odds".

So I spent my morning finding spots for the new dishes. At one point I made a pot of tea and enjoyed it in one of the Christmas tea cups. I also found some things I could put in the donation box and will try to find more.

After school the grands put up both Nativity sets and I think that finishes my decorating.  More photos to come.

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Granny Marigold


  1. These are all lovely finds. I am attracted to pretty china too, but I resist because I have no more room to store them and I don't have much cause to use them.

  2. Oooohhhhh! I am SO envious of your new pansy china! Do let me know when and if you decide you want to share, lol! The Sadler Christmas cups & saucers are also ever so lovely. I'd take those too, ha,ha. I never seem to find such treasures! Lucky you.

  3. The pansies are so pretty! You DID have a great finding day!

  4. Great finds, I particularly loved the Christmas cups/saucers. I store my cups/saucers like that too.

  5. Those Pansy dishes are beautiful! You had a fun day shopping! :)

  6. Beautiful finds . . . I love the pansy design and the Christmas cups are gorgeous :) I need to take some time and go thrifting :)
    Have a marvelous day!
    Connie :)

  7. This made me chuckle. I seem to remember a long while back that you said you had to stop collecting tea cups because you had no more room! The pansy patterns are very cute. I sort of started collecting dogwood china at one point, but haven't added to the collection lately. I have seen some, but didn't like them enough to buy.

    1. I seem to remember making some rash statement re-buying (or NOT buying) any more tea cups. Silly me to think I had that kind of self-control.

  8. Wow, great finds at the thrift store. I love purple pansies!
    My Mum stores her tea cups the same way too.
    Have a great weekend !

  9. I learn so many interesting things from fellow bloggers. I have never seen tea cups stored like that... what a great idea. I'm going to try that now.
    Your pansy collection is gorgeous! How fun to find new pieces.
    Love the Christmas set too. I hope you enjoy many cups of Christmas tea this season.
    The ratio of blog views to comments is baffling, isn't it?

  10. Drooling over your pretty tea cups and dishes! Wish our thrift store had finds like that! Interesting how your Mom stored her tea cups when she had a set of four. Enjoy! Nancy

  11. Oh...I love teacups...I too have a few saucers waiting to find cups...and a few cups waiting for saucers....Maybe one day! I love your pansy ones...very pretty
    Phoebe x

  12. You had a really good thrifting day! My blog shows many views but only a couple of comments too. I guess some people just like to look!