Sunday 18 December 2016

Random Stuff

       It's snowing here, snow upon old snow and rain in the forecast. It won't be pretty!

Henny Penny, this picture of Cinnamon is just because you asked about her. She's doing great. DH moved her hutch close to the back door, I can go out and give her attention without having to put boots on!   Because of the cold we were putting her into the sleeping part ( on the left)for night but she wasn't having anything to do with being shut up and soon learned she could push hard and get out so we gave up.

 Funny story about this square. At one point I cut this recipe out of a magazine but didn't realize I didn't manage to get the entire recipe. So I sort of winged it and I must say by the response so far it's a keeper.

This square calls for condensed milk so you just know it's going to be yummy. While its hot you sprinkle chocolate chips on top and sort of swirl them. My swirling looks odd but if I set this in front of my sons it would be gone in 5 minutes. Mind you, they would need coffee to go with it because it is very sweet.
Speaking of odd, my French breads in the background look lumpy as usual. No finesse to my baking that's for sure.

One last picture. My granddaughter came by for a short visit this morning and  while we chatted she braided my hair. I love how she does it in 2 minutes flat and it's not too tight.

This has been a long and definitely random post. Thanks for reading it anyway.

            Granny Marigold


  1. Great to catch up on all your news. Glad your bunny is doing well, she looks beautiful.
    Stay warm and dry!

  2. Thank you! I've been wanting to see Cinnamon. He (or she) is a beautiful bunny. Bunnies amaze me at finding ways under and out of enclosures. This is a wonderful post! Your baking always looks perfect to me. and your hair! That braid is just beautiful! That really is the prettiest braid I've ever seen and I love the color of your hair. Wish she could do mine.

  3. Love your braid! My Mom could braid hair like that, but I
    never learned how to do it.

  4. Beautiful braided hair. As long as it tastes good that is what matters! Nancy

  5. Uggh, not looking forward to the wet mess in the next while. The braiding looks great! That is sort of a raised braid, with the strands taken underneath instead of over the top. There is probably an actual name for it:-)
    We used to braid our horses tails for showing, and just for fun, and it was done by adding hair with each strand, so I got lots of practice with that sort of braiding.

  6. I used to braid my daughters hair just like that. Your baking looks delicious to me. Fun to be able to see Cinnamon he certainly is a lovely looking bunny. Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  7. I like your braid!
    Cinnamon is a cute bunny!
    Yum! Can I come over for coffee and a bar?

  8. Just love your bunny! How yummy the bread and the dessert looks. I think braided hair is always so beautiful! Have a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

  9. Love your hair! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!Chris

  10. It's not how your baking looks - it's how it tastes (and I bet it's yummy :) Merry Christmas!


  11. The braid is beautiful - from that perspective you don't look anything like a Granny!

    Happy New Year! (and Happy Eighth Day of Christmas!)