Wednesday 6 September 2017

Bad Air Quality and some Bloody Tales

This is the view from space of our smoky, hazy province. Yesterday and today both DH and myself have had dull headaches which we are fairly sure must come from breathing this bad,muggy air.

Some of you have asked if we have A/C. Yes, but only in the bedrooms so at least we all sleep well.

It hasn't been a particularly productive week so far. We filled the racks on the dehydrator with apples again. We were almost done when my DH put the safety guard of the mandolin aside and slid the last of the apples through. Yes, he sliced his thumb. I suggested he go to Emerg. but he thought he'd bleed to death in the waiting area before ever being seen by a doctor so I bandaged it up as well as I could. Had to redo the bandage 3 times in the first 15 minutes because it wouldn't stop bleeding but eventually it did. DH is one tough guy. He has had many an accident on the construction sites where he worked. Another time he drove himself to the doctor's office when he had a cut above his eye that required 26 stitches. The reason he didn't go to Emergency was that he knew our family doctor would see him immediately once he knew what had happened. Unfortunately that doctor has since died. They don't make them like that any more.  Now you get  sent to the ER and you wait...and wait...and wait.
Unless you say you think you may be having a heart attack. Then you get immediate attention.

Sorry. I didn't mean to ramble on but it's so nice and cool here in the bedroom ( my computer is in here).
In a short while daughter #2 is dropping by after work to visit and also to take some tomatoes off my hands. Better go and cut some Basil for her too.

Thanks for visiting,

Granny Marigold


  1. I agree with you, a person could die waiting in the emergency room. My daughter has told us to call an ambulance because ER's will see a patient that arrives by an ambulance first. Of course you have to really be sick in order to do that!! Hope the air quality improves for you.

  2. I am sorry your air quality is so bad. That is really miserable. We use to have one little air conditioner in our bed and I understand about wanting to spend time there! Nancy

  3. Yes, lots of tomatoes and basil these days around here too. And smoke, of course. We did spent quite a bit of time outdoors today since it wasn't raining ash like yesterday.
    We have AC, but it is not effective upstairs in a two story house,where the thermostat is downstairs. So we have to resort to open windows and box fans at night.

  4. Glad to hear your husband is OK, sounds like a bad cut. Here's hoping that the brave firefighters will be able to stop the fires.

  5. Stay in bedroom, as much as possible!!!!!!!!!

    I know I should remember, where you live, but I don't. But you said Provence, so I think you are in Canada.

    Have heard scary tales of ER waiting. In England too.

    We do not have that experience, where we live, in New York State. Upper NYS. Not big city. But we do not, not, not wait in our ER or Urgent Care facilities.

    My point being, that Socialized Medicine, sounds wonderful. But in reality, it is stretched too far. And everyone waits. And to me, that is pretty scary.

    How about another A/C window unit, in another room? So you could spend more time, breathing better air?

  6. It's only a few days that it has felt too hot in our house, mostly the humidity I think. And it is always pleasant in the basement. We have got a fairly effective system in our bedroom, that we start after the outside air has cooled in the evening. There are two windows, in one we have a big fan blowing the air OUT of the room. Therefore cooler air is being sucked in through the other window to replace it. This seems to be more effective than having the fan blowing into the room. By the time I go to bed the room is very cool, and I usually turn that fan off. If needed I leave the ceiling fan going. Luckily we have only, maybe, noticed slightly sore eyes with this smoke. Sure hoping we get that predicted moisture though.
    The problem with the emergency room is that there are too many people there that don't really need to be. I remember my dad gashing open the palm of his hand shortly after we moved here from England. Maybe we didn't have medical coverage yet? Either he or my mum sewed it together with a needle and thread. It was about 3" long. Hope your DH's cut heals up just fine.

  7. PS Was it past the time of a walk in clinic being open, when your DH cut his hand? Yes, you usually have to wait there too, but probably not as long as the ER.

  8. Granny Marigold, that is a very scary photo! Goodness, no wonder you and DH are not feeling your best.
    No fun waiting at the Emerg. No hospital or clinic in our little town so we have the choice of one of three hospitals in nearby towns and a couple clinics.
    Hope DH's thumb is better soon!

  9. I'm sorry about the smoke. I figured out where you are, generally, in Canada, and I'm guessing you're getting those horrible fires out west. Several friends are also impacted by their smoke out there. Our husbands have a bit in common, with hand injuries. Mine did need surgery, but in future, I'm really tempted to bandage it up tight at home if possible. Not only are the ER waits outrageous, the expense is horrible! We will be paying on our 2 ER visits for years to come :(