Saturday 2 September 2017

Decorating for Fall

DH got down the big container marked Autumn Decorations and I spent a happy hour rediscovering things packed away for 10 months. I remembered to take a 'before' picture of the sideboard.....

        Here it is once I was finished. I will buy some real mini pumpkins and some gourds once the stores stock them but for now ceramic works fine.

I didn't take a before picture of my Mom's old sewing machine but here it is as it looks now.

The drop-leaf table is in the sunroom. To the right is the glass door to the porch and to the left is my messy craft area. Getting it tidied up  has been on my to-do list all week but I've managed to find anything to do except get it sorted.

Even the window sill in the kitchen got some decorating but I took the picture when it was very sunny and it's hard to see things. Do you see the blue plate in the dish drainer?  I bought that at a garage sale this morning for ten cents! 

What it says underneath is Royal Stafford, fine earthenware, made in England,  dishwasher and microwave safe. I'm assuming it's quite new but I really like it .

Are you decorating for Autumn?  If so, please share lots of pictures. I know I love seeing what you are doing!!

Thanks for visiting,

       Granny Marigold


  1. All your fall decorations look so pretty! I haven't got my fall box down yet, hope to in the next few days.

  2. Not decorating for autumn yet. It's still summer, and I have lots of summer flowers to decorate with.

  3. A beautiful Autumn display, I loved the old sewing machine.

  4. I will decorate soon. I leave the fall decorations up until December 1st, so I'm not in a hurry. I can't believe the difference in your sideboard... lovely!

  5. I usually don't do a lot of autumn decorating. I think just tablecloths, pumpkins, and maybe some mums.
    I love your cheery tables! I really like that plate, too!

  6. Very nice! You've inspired me to bring out Fall decor box upstairs and start decorating. Yellow leaves have begun to show up here! X Chy

  7. Everything looks so pretty! I have just started decorating for Fall. I bring out my tote of Fall decorating items around mid September.
    I love the quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne!

  8. Isn't it exciting to switch out the decorations for fall. I caught a peak at your pretty dollhouse, do you decorate it for the seasons too? I have an old dollhouse that I love to "play with".. I am setting it up for Halloween now.

    1. Hi Leslie, I'm glad you came by. In answer to your question...I decorate the porch for Spring and Fall but at Christmas I put up a tree in the parlor and a wreath on the door, maybe presents left by the postman, by the door.There's definitely still a lot of the child in me. :)

  9. I got the bag down!!!! But haven't put things up yet!!!

    Which is pretty funny, as I am such a Champion of Early Autumn and all that.

    Today it is rainy, and a bake day. But I really should poke in my bag, and take things out! That will inspire me. :-)

    Thank you, for inspiring me!!!!

  10. Lovely autumnal displays. The new plate is pretty, I love blueware china.

  11. I'm so lazy about decorating and such. But I love to look at what you've done! :)

  12. All your fall decorations look so nice! I have decorated outside on the front porch a little but nothing done in the house. Not feeling my best right now and I need to buy some more fall things. Pretty blue plate! Nancy

  13. Great find on the blue plate, it is gorgeous. I love your stained glass tulips; they are amazing. It must make you smile each time you look at the light shining through them.
    Your decorations are lovely and your drop leaf table is wonderful. So many lovely things . . . that's what makes a home and yours is so inviting and comfortable.
    Thanks for the tour.
    Connie :)

  14. That's just beautiful, especially your sideboard! I'm not sure, but I think I found a plate just like your blue on, at my local thrift store. I love blue and white :) Happy Autumn! Your house is looking lovely!

  15. You are so good at decorating for the seasons. It all looks so pretty. After seeing your fall decorations last year, I was going to buy some things and be prepared for this fall...but no, I didn't. Guess I will have to pick a bunch of wild goldenrod flowers again.