Monday 13 November 2017

Another Blustery Day

We had a very windy weekend. Leaves were flying everywhere and the neighbour's beautiful red-leaved Maple is almost bare now. I wish we would have planted a similar tree years ago when we still had room to put it. I think those are the most lovely of trees.

We were fortunate that our power didn't go out. I did some baking and even got a fruit cake
 ( Christmas cake) done as well as butter tarts. I had enough dough to make 24 shells but ran out of raisins so I made some with Pecans and  the last two I filled with Cherry jam!  I managed to get some in the freezer before they were gobbled up.

Other than all the ordinary things that need doing we had a quiet long weekend. Tomorrow the grands go back to school, DH goes to his volunteer 'job' and I will be off to the thrift store. Before we know it Wednesday will be here and November will be half over!

I hope you are Winnie the Pooh fans because I downloaded some cute windy day pics. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting,

               Granny Marigold


  1. I love tarts and blustery days! Thanks! :)

  2. We've had some blustery weather too... winter is upon us! I can't wait to see what treasures you find at the thrift store!

  3. I was just thankful we didn't get those 90 kph gusts that were forecast. I was in the thrift store this morning. I got Larry a 50 cent shirt.:-) I only had half an hour, and I find I don't shop well when I know I can only be there a short time. I added another pair to my KEEN shoe collection. Can't believe there has been a pair sitting there waiting for me the last four times I have been in ! ;-)

  4. PS The baking looks delicious!

  5. That fruit cake looks awesome as do the butter tarts! Love Winnie the Pooh!

    I'm glad that you did not lose power with all of the wind that you had. We can get along without it because we have a wood stove and I am able to cook on it if we do lose power, but life is a lot easier with power. ;)

  6. Aw I love Winnie the Pooh. Tarts look delicious. I like your cooling rack. I was going to make one like that a few years ago but just never got the ambition to do so. Love fruit cake. As I had two in the oven a few years ago and the power went off. Needless to say they were ruined. Never bothered since since they are so expensive to make. Yours looks scrumptious!
    Enjoy your trip to the thrift store.

  7. I love Winnie The Pooh!!!!!!!!

    Your baking looks delicious.

    So happy you did not lose power. I always "fear" that!

    Luna Crone

  8. Hi! I love the red leaf maple trees too. I made butter tarts a long time ago but didn't know you could put different things in them. How yummy! Nancy

  9. Your tarts and fruit cake look incredible! Yum!
    We had a quiet long weekend too with lovely long walks and some decluttering.
    Hope you had a nice visit to the thrift store.

  10. Oh, your baking looks delicious! I would enjoy sitting down to a serving of either one with a cup of hot tea :)
    "Blustery Day" is my very favorite Pooh story and video. I think you can watch them on Youtube. We had that on a VHS tape when my kids were little, and we watched it over and over. Such fun! Stay safe and warm. Sounds like autumn has blown away, for you!