Wednesday 18 July 2018

Found... the side of the road.  STOP, is what I yelled. Poor long-suffering DH went to pick it up and put it in the back of the truck.

All I had to do was wipe off some cobwebs and find a spot to place it.
I love finding this kind of treasure.

Lisa, you commented that one of the tea cup was one you liked but that you couldn't see it well on the picture.   There's a little story to this cup and saucer and I will explain.

At the garage sale there was nothing that I wanted and I just commented to the older woman ( whose gs it was),  there that what I was looking for was tea cups. Her eyes lit up and she practically grabbed my arm and took me into her basement where she had not one but TWO big boxes marked tea cups. She assured me that she really had to downsize and for some reason hadn't thought of putting her china out at the gs.
She started unwrapping all her cups and putting them on an upside down cardboard box  The saucers were also unwrapped. but by this time there was hardly a spot to put them. (This was only box #1)
 She had about 18 cups and saucers unwrapped by then and I assured her I didn't need for her to unwrap all those in box #2. I thought of all the work she'd done painstakingly wrapping them and could not see her having to do yet more. Besides, by this time DH was getting tired of waiting!! I chose the ones I wanted and somehow I picked up a cup and a saucer that didn't match. It was so crowded on that makeshift 'table' that it's probably not surprising that it happened. Anyway, she now has a cup and saucer set that is unmatched, just like mine. I'm going to watch to see if another gs will be at that address and I will take my set and see if I can fix the mistake ( and buy any more pretty ones she might want to sell).

                   This is the unmatched set. It looks so obvious to me now. When the cup is actually on the saucer they look more like a set.

We're having a cooler day at last. I dug out and pulled up all the California Poppies that were done and looking messy. Hoed some weeds and generally tidied up. Now the rest of the day is mine to relax and finish my library book. I hope your day is going along great as well.

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Granny Marigold


  1. Wow. Ask and you shall receive! I never would have thought to mention what I was looking for at a garage sale, but you had good results. And that planter was a great freebie! Saved your hubby from having to build one! :)

  2. Another great find, I LOVE the planter. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure, that is certainly a treasure. Hope you managed to get some reading done and relax.

  3. I wish people had garage sales here, we do have car boot sales in organised places. No wonder you shouted stop, what a brilliant find, and you’ve made it so pretty with your geraniums xx

  4. A very interesting story in regard to the mix-matched tea cup and saucer. :) I kind of like them the way they are because, at least from the pictures, they look as if they could match. Hoeing weeds? I'm not going to tell Strong Heart about that or he will think he should be able to go do the same...even though you had your surgery about 10 days or so ahead of him. ;)

  5. What treasures! That last one is my favorite, love the little "feet" on the cup. Chris

  6. What a great find. Hard to imagine someone throwing out that treasure!! : )

  7. Pouring rain here tonight, so other than moving some plants into the path of the raindrops, no gardening took place!

    Lovely all the cups you were able to buy at the garage sale. Even the mismatched one!

    X Chy

  8. I would've yelled STOP!!! too! :) That roadside piece is wonderful. I love items you can put straight into your yard and they look at home :)
    Interesting story about the tea cups! I bet she will have another sale if she has that much stuff to get rid of, and I bet your question will cause her to put her china out next time. What fun!