Sunday 15 July 2018

Hot Days

Yes, we're having very hot weather. As you can see the temperature outside was 37C which would be  between 98 and 99 F. I believe.  My plants all wilted and although I did go out to do some watering later in the evening, there's no way I could possibly water everything.
The temperature inside being 27 it wasn't so pleasant either. We have a window -type A/C and lots of fans to help us through this heat wave.

Before the day got so hot we went to a nearby garage sale where I was fortunate to find many many fine bone china tea cups. It was hard to choose but I finally settled on 11 of them. I won't bore you too much with pictures; just a wee bit.

I just love this gorgeous Autumn Leaves tea cup made by Royal Chelsea. The pattern is very textured.

            And this beauty has the words Malmaison, Bavaria written underneath.

This one just says Made in Japan.  I'm not sure how to describe the ovals on both the cups and the saucers. They're concave I guess. The inside of the cup looks like mother-of-pearl.

This little Royal Albert demi-tasse  says Celebration 1970 underneath.

Thanks for bearing with me while I go on and on about my tea cups.
Thanks also for all of you who wished me well/prayed for me when I had my cataract surgery.
I am anything but brave when it comes to medical procedures and the idea of someone poking around in my eyeball really upset me.  I'm on the mend now but the problem is my glasses make me dizzy. I guess until the second eye is done and healed I have to manage with these because there's no use getting new glasses until both eyes are fully healed.

                           Granny Marigold


  1. Lovely lovely lovely, what else can I say except that I'm a wee bit envious of all your finds but very happy for you as I know how much pleasure I derive from my (few in comparison) teacups. You chose only 11? How many were there????
    Hope you can cope with your blurry vision and that you don't take a tumble because of it. Do take care!

  2. I had to take one lens out of my glasses when I had my eyes done. I know you have longer to wait in between surgeries. Hope you don't get too frustrated...I enjoyed seeing your teacups...I think I have/had one with the concave side and mother of pearl:)

  3. What a great find, the Royal Albert pattern is a firm favourite.

  4. Oh that is hot. Doesn't get that hot here where I live.
    What lovely tea cups!!

  5. Gasp, what beautiful teacups, I love china. Absolutely melting in the heat here too xx

  6. I know it will be a relief to have your second cataract surgery behind you and both eyes all better. Your tea cups are just lovely -- that Autumn Leaves one! Wow! My favorite :) Sorry about your heat wave. That must be unusual up there! I hope you cool off soon.

  7. Beautiful teacups! I wanted to go garage saleing on Saturday, but I guess not enough because it didn't happen. That certainly is a lovely variety of cups, so pretty.
    I know it's hard with the glasses. Larry ended up using a magnifying glass for a long time. Hmm, now I can't remember if that was after the cataract surgery or after the transplant surgeries, but he went for about 4 years without the right glasses because his eyes were still healing and had to wait so long for everything to be settle before he finally got a new prescription. Yours should sort themselves out much faster, but I can understand what you are going through. All the best!

  8. Your tea cups are just gorgeous. I can't imagine anyone wanting to part with any of them...especially in a yard sale. But their loss was definitely your gain. The autumn one is my favorite.

    Our daughter works for an eye doctor and the suggestion she made to her dad was after his surgery tomorrow to take the lens for that eye out of the eye glasses. I think that is what we are going to do and see how it works for him. I'm really praying he doesn't get dizzy and such.

  9. Your first paragraph could have been written by me. :) It is hot and dry here. Very dry! And, there's no way to use a water hose and give the flowers and vegs enough water. I am still amazed at all the beautiful tea cups you find, and they keep getting even more beautiful! Glad your one eye is getting well. Won't be long before you will have all this done and over.

  10. Oh, my, such beautiful cups! If you can't boldly "go on and on" about them here, then where? I just used some of my small collection of pretty teacups after dinner last night when a friend was over who is very traditional in his brewing and drinking of tea, and this was my first time hosting him and his wife. I normally use mugs for hot drinks but in this case...
    It made me think that someday I will have a larger tea party again and use more of my collection. I'm so glad you shared your inspiring new ones.

    May God comfort and strengthen you through the inconvenient and disorienting process of cataract surgeries!

  11. I hope that you are hanging in there and not melting in the heat. You certainly found some treasures . . . maybe you need to plan a tea party:)
    In regard to the comment you left on my blog: I think it is great that you have your mother's wash board . . . that's a true treasure, being able to look up at it and know that your sweet mother scrubbed your clothes and made sure that you were cared for and went to school in clean dresses. Mother's show their love in so many practical ways.
    You are right about our neighbor's we are blessed to have them right next door. Not only their generosity but, they are brothers and sisters in the Lord and we can enjoy sweet fellowship together :) We are blessed living here on our little area farm.
    Have a sweet day and try to stay cool.
    Connie :)

  12. I love the one on the lower right in the first photo, though I can't see it really well. I decided to postpone my cataract surgery. I think that long period of time when your glasses aren't right kind of scared me off. Also, not sure about insurance covering it. I'm just going to get new glasses for now. :) Praying for fast healing! :) (Where do you find garage sales with so many teacups? I never see teacups! But I guess I use mugs more than teacups anyway. They are fun to see!)