Thursday 26 July 2018

This and That

On my recent trip to the thrift store I picked up these three books. Since I enjoyed Rick Warren's book  The Purpose Driven Life   I am looking forward to reading this book as well. The other two will be, I think, fast reads.

The Giver is a book I read years ago and now I found it in  the little free library in the park. I'm enjoying reading it for the second time.  Lois Lowry is such an excellent author  of young adult books.

On a totally different subject my flowers are thriving in spite of the heat At least the Rudbeckias and Coneflowers are. So much so that the path through that area is temporarily blocked.
I make sure the less drought resistant ones get enough water to keep them alive but these here are thriving with a minimum of care.

I thought I'd give a brief reply to some questions asked in the comment section. I'm never sure if people go back to check for answers or not, so....

About the low prices on the fruit we get we either pick our own or go to the East Indian fruit markets where the prices are lower than regular stores. I believe they can sell it cheaper because they get the fruit from family-owned orchards in the Okanagan.

We actually have a big old chest type  freezer in the house and another one outside which we share with our son and DIL.  We use a lot of fruit in jam and winter desserts. Tonight, for instance,  I plan on making a Dutch Baby again ( loved it SO much last week)  and piling it high with Blueberries when it's done. That gives you a good idea of what we use fruit for.

That about concludes what I have to say. It's another extremely hot day here and no let-up until AFTER the weekend.

Thanks for visiting,

         Granny Marigold


  1. I would like your Dutch Baby recipe! Assuming it's ever cool enough to turn my oven on :)
    - Sheila

  2. My garden is cooking. I have been doing a little work in the yard in the mornings, and have lunch on the shaded patio, but by 2:00 we are driven inside, where the air conditioner is set at 75 to keep the down stairs cool enough. We manage the upstairs bedroom with box fans through the night. It's our 4th day of 90 or more, with at least three days more to come.
    I want to appreciate my garden, but it's too hot for me and it.

  3. Your flowers are looking well. Pretty and lots of them. : )

  4. It looks as if you have some good reading material to enjoy. Your flowers are just beautiful! I hope you are doing well.

  5. You asked about a stone archway in one of my photos, it is in fact a drain which is part of a system that drains water off the land back into the sea. Hope that helps.

  6. I do miss the pick your own farms that we had prior to moving here. The fruit was delicious and the right price so we were able to have plenty.

  7. That's some good reading! I think several of us older-lady-bloggers are looking at good reading options this summer. Many things in our garden beds have just been waterlogged by so much rain lately, and I think they're about dead :( Your flowers look great!