Saturday, 3 November 2018

Just for Fun

I went to a craft sale this morning but was disappointed. There was nothing that caught my fancy so I stopped in at a thrift store that was nearby.  Do you remember I had some pretty dolls that I used to display on some stairs in our home?  I had put them away but decided to get them out again after seeing another lovely doll at the thrift store for the incredible price of fifty cents!!

                                           The doll on the left is the new one.

I've noticed that as people get busier at this time of year posts get fewer.  I know for myself that I find it hard to think of something to write about.
 Just for fun I thought I'd include a nursery rhyme/poem in each post this month. I'm sure we all remember reading them to our children and grandchildren. Most of these will be from our very old Childcraft set.  I had preschoolers around for 35 years, first my own kids then I did daycare for others. I also had the privilege of taking care of all 5 of my grands until they were school age ( and a few I had after school as well).  So I read many of these poems over the years.

Every day we see squirrels in the big trees in the yard behind us. They seem so sure-footed as they leap from one tree to the other.  So this will be the first poem I post.

Oh yes, and did you know that today, November 3, is apparently National day of the Sandwich?

Thanks for sticking around till the end of this post!!

                          Granny Marigold


  1. I think it is so sad that they don't teach nursery rhymes in school anymore. It was a child's first introduction to poetry.

  2. Such pretty dolls! I have not enjoyed the past few craft events that I have gone to. There is so much clothing and manufactured things over hand made things.

  3. You have fun in such charming ways.

  4. Sad that the craft fair was a disappointment. Looking forward to your series of poems.

  5. Great poem and lovely dolls!

    I also had a day home when my kids were babies. We finally closed it after 24 years when our littlest day home babies finally toddled off to kindergarten. I miss those days but so happy we had the chance to be a place of love and safety for many littles in our community!

    Have a great week!

    X Chy

  6. I had never read that fun nursery rhyme before. I imagine you have some that are more popular in Canada than here in the U.S. Looking forward to reading more of your favorites!

  7. Yes - I read it was National Sandwich Day in an email from Subway restaurants! :)
    The children's nursery rhyme is delightful. I love watching squirrels!
    Yes, I'm getting too busy; I can feel it. I used to post every day, and now I'm doing good to post once a week! Need to get myself back in line :) I look forward to your month of poems.

  8. We have a picture book in our library that's called "Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop" based on this poem by Alexina White and the book is filled with gorgeous photos of exactly that, squirrels in action - a real favorite at storytime and I must admit, a real favorite for me too. I'm looking forward to seeing which other rhymes you will feature in your upcoming posts.

  9. That's a very familiar nursery rhyme,and the illustrations are beautiful!

  10. oh cute squirrel poem..
    your banner barns too