Friday 25 January 2019

A Primrose

I'm very late in posting today. It seems the day went by in a blur. We went to do the usual Friday grocery shopping. Came home and put things away. Had a quick cup of tea before heading out for our walk around the lake. We were rewarded by another good look at the Cape May Warbler which seems to hang around in a certain area of shrubbery.

While shopping I did look for inexpensive flowers and chose a very simple little Primrose. There seem to be stands of Primroses in front of every store these days.  I keep my eyes open for double ones but so far haven't seen any.

Thanks for popping by,

Granny M.


  1. So pretty :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment you left. I have a lot of fabric in my stash and batting too . . . all I might need is more thread and I can keep going until spring, LOL. My little sewing machine is getting a work out this year :)
    Have a lovely weekend, sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  2. Such a beautiful plant! Lovely yellow blooms!

  3. So beautiful, the golden yellow flowers are a delight.

  4. What a pretty plant! Although I'm familiar with the name, I don't remember seeing a primrose before. All these blooms will certainly cheer up your home as you wait for spring.

  5. That would brighten any room!

  6. We have seen dandelions blooming in our field, although they don't quite compete with the primrose ;-) You rarely mention your dog, or show pictures, so I've often wondered if he goes on your Mill Lake walks with you.

    1. Bracken doesn't go with us when we walk mainly because he doesn't walk properly ( yes, we've tried!!) Also if he as much as hears a garbage or other big truck he gets extremely scared and just wants to run home. Not much fun when you're halfway around the lake.

  7. Pretty bloom to see on this cold winter day.

  8. Wonder why I never see a primrose in the stores here?? Yhat sure is pretty. Maybe I need to look at the flowers more. Cheer myself up. :)

  9. It would be fun to see that warbler. I doubt if I've ever seen one.