Sunday 9 June 2019

Morning Walk and My Rock

                It happens every year. The water lilies multiply and clog the lake.

                    A mother Mallard and her babies rest on a private dock.

This very old Rose bush has climbed up and over a cedar tree . I'm very surprised the city workers haven't come to trim it back because it has reached the power line.

                         Look at the blue sky and summer  clouds!

                          This bunny didn't stay around for long.   Right after I snapped his picture he took off.

And finally,  here are some pictures of my pink rock. One of my sons said he thought it might be
rhodochrosite but I really don't know what it is. Anyone have a guess??  It's quite large and heavy too.

I had a lovely quiet weekend. My week will be different because DH's sister will be visiting and that means family will be coming by throughout the week to spend time with her.  Lots of family get-togethers means I may have less time to visit blogs but I'll try my best. 
Have a great week!

Thanks for coming by,     GM


  1. Have a wonderful time with your family. Great photos of the lake.

  2. These pictures are amazing. I love the ducks on the pier. Gosh, maybe it's a good thing that our one water lily died we planted in 1996 died. and that rose bush is huge! Your pink rock sure is pretty.

  3. Have fun with family and just do what you an do with blogging...everyone understands. That is a beautiful wonder you wanted it.

    Love that rose and am amazed at how big it is...and likevyou amazed it has not been cut back.

  4. Love all the pictures. Enjoy your family. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. So very many water lilies!!
    I've never seen a rose bush that BIG before! WOW
    Your pink rock is very pretty.
    Have a great time with your family.

  6. The rose bush is crazy! WOW! I love your pink rock! :)

  7. That rose bush is an impressive sight! Yes, it seems like they would trim it back. Good photos! I'd guess you've unearthed a huge, pink diamond there, lol.

  8. Wow, I have never seen a rose bush grow that large. It must have a massive set of roots. Those water lilies may take over your lake but I think they're gorgeous.

  9. What great photos! Thank you for sharing... I've never seen so many water lilies in one place!

  10. Your pink rock looks like rose quartz to me. I grew up in Arkansas and we used to go to a certain mountain and find lots of crystals which are quartz. If you do a Google Image search for Rose Quartz you will see some that look like yours. It sure is pretty and some people believe quartz can be healing. I don't know about that but it is beautiful.

    1. Bonnie, I did look up rose quartz and you're right. My rock does look just like that. Thank you for informing me and thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. I would like to get a root off of that rose!

  12. Beautiful photos.
    I loved knowing your blog.

  13. That rose bush is amazing! I've never seen one grow that high - over the tree! Don't know about that rock, except I bought some earrings from a "rock lady" who made jewelry from gem stones, and it was a rock type that started with those same letters -- not much help, I know :) But it was pink and looked like that, so maybe that is the right name? Have a fun week!