Tuesday 18 June 2019

This and That

I'm back!  Company has left and life is back to normal again. 
My flowers are enjoying the sunshine. I am having to do a fair amount of watering though. We haven't had a good rain for weeks!

                The Deutzia looked very pretty for quite a while but now is beginning to fade.

Our very old Queen Elizabeth rose still provides some blooms to bring inside. It's the only rose we have that is not the shrub type.

          Some baking has been done in spite of the warm days... buns and bran muffins.

Of course I have been at the thrift store and found a few lovely things such as this Sadler mug with its cute lid.

And these two 8" plates. I especially like the one on the right which is called, appropriately, Wild Brambles.

This small quilted piece was a dollar . I have such a hard time leaving handmade things behind.
It's Christmassy but that's okay. I'll begin using it next November if not sooner.  I'm not sure if it's a small placemat or a large mug rug. 

Isn't it amazing that we're already more than halfway through June?  The calendar tells me that Friday is the first day of summer but it feels like we've had summer for weeks already.

Thanks for stopping by today,



  1. My homemade buns always turn into rocks. Yours look good! Did I mention that I thought of you last time I went to the thrift store and saw some cute tea cups? I'm not a collector, in fact, I'm trying to downsize on my possessions (unsuccessfully), but I had a hard time leaving them behind, lol. I did buy a small embroidered tablecloth. I can't resist handmade things either! :) (I totally forgot to take pictures of what I bought.)

  2. Your baking looks delicious. I love your thrift shop finds, the mug with the lid is a real delight.

  3. The end of May was horribly hot for us -- felt like August! And like you, we lacked rain for weeks. Finally, we seem to be getting some now. Lots of watering then. Your finds are lovely!

  4. Oh my! Those buns and muffins look wonderful. I can taste one of those buns right now with some butter dripping from it! What an adorable tea cup with the lid. So different and I love it. Girl, everything is blooming so pretty for you and oh that rose! Just beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. So glad to see a post from you...and glad it has thrift store finds. I always enjoy seeing those. I was partial to the Brambles plate, too. Not that I didn't like the other. the mug is beautiful, too.

    You have a gorgeous bunch of flowers. We have had enough rain for you and us both. I am amazed at what the farmers have got planted because it seems it is seldom dry around here.

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful. So full and lush.
    Oh those buns look delicious as well as the muffins.
    I like the blue dish best.
    Can't beat that price for the pretty little quilt square.

  7. Flowers and food and fun finds - your posts are always delightful.

  8. I have the matching teapot for your Sadler mug! Just love the soft colors on it! Your Deutzia is gigantic!