Monday, 25 November 2019


We only see Cormorants on the lake in winter.  Usually there are four or five lined up on a log out on the lake, drying their wings.  I didn't have my camera with me and besides, it was a dull morning
( weatherwise) and the internet provides much better photos than I can take.

There were numerous male Mergansers and a few female that I saw.  I think the Common Merganser is one of the handsomest birds.  I'm glad they come down to spend the winter here.

Now here is a picture I took.  We have 3 or 4 cats that visit our back yard. This one posed nicely for a piccture ( taken through a not-so-clean window at dusk).

Many of you will be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I hope all your preparations are going well.

Thanks for taking time to visit today,   G.M.


  1. What an amazing looking bird in that first photo.

  2. Do you normally walk every day? I love your kitty picture- he's a big one!Have a blessed evening!

  3. It's fun to watch and identify water fowl. We saw only squirrels ans crows on our walk today.

  4. We seen a couple cormorants out at the strip pits a year or two ago but they were too far away to take a decent photo. And also at the other place we go to once or twice a year but again they are too far away. So, I would dearly love to go for a walk with you and get to see them.

    Re my blog post, about getting double charged for the item, I forgot to add that I took my receipt back in and they were quick to refund the money.

  5. I meant to say that is quite the handsome cat!

  6. I love the pictures of the birds and I especially love that big cat at the end. Quite a handsome visitor I'd day.
    Hope you have a super good Thanksgiving and get some help with all the cooking!

  7. That cat has a very interesting face! I like him. I feel that it's a Him -- is it?

    1. I have no idea! It comes to visit but doesn't let anyone get very close. I think it likes all the birds at the feeders and maybe has ideas of one day catching one.

  8. Such beautiful birds! Nice cat too 🥰❤

  9. Nice birds!!! But the cat is also a very nice one.

  10. Hello GM! That's a cute cat and the bird life is amazing!
    Yes, I am thinking about making my pecan pie. I got a good recipe from Nana Diana.
    It's so snowy here though. We're buried.
    Take care, friend!

  11. The cormorants of PEI go south every winter. Love those pre historic looking creatures!

  12. How neat that you posted about the Cormorants. A few days ago Poppy called me to the window to see an unusual bird on the pond. It looked black. It would dive under the water, swim fast and come up on the far side. During one dive, it caught a fish and sat on a low limb to eat it. It stretched it's neck to swallow the fish, a lot like a Heron does. We have searched books and the internet to find out what it was and the closest thing we could find was the Cormorant. I wonder if that's possible??