Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Wool Felting and a Teacup

I think these little treasures are made of felted wool but maybe not.  If you can tell just by looking at them please tell me.  They're so soft, I just love them.
The picture insists on being sideways. Sorry about that.

I picked those three up a week or so ago but today I went to the thrift store and found this pretty teacup for .50.  The teacups that have words on them tend not to sell so eventually they get marked down drastically.  I'm fond of dishes with pansies or violets so this one will fit in with my other ones.

Just a short post today. I made myself a list of things that needed doing today so I must get working on it.   When I was making my list I thought about a young friend who was an awful housekeeper when she was first married. After the first baby arrived things got to be such a problem that she sat down with a stack of blank cards, I think they were  different colours.  She wrote down all the daily chores on one colour, all the weekly ones on another, and all the once a year ones on yet another.
She was determined to change her ways and  today she is a terrific housekeeper and not only has a tidy house but does a lot of different crafts too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Granny Marigold


  1. That sounds like a great idea with the color coded cards. It is hard to keep house AND raise children!!

  2. I wish I had been one to make a list...I used to be able to work from a list in my head...now my head says 'I don't want to right now...maybe later.' I am not sure about them being felted wool, but I can't figure out what else they could be. I hope someone answers.

    Cute teacup..

  3. More fun finds from the thrift store.

  4. Another lovely teacup for your collection... I like violets and pansies too. I have no idea if your three little treasures are felted or not, but they sure are cute! I am a much better housekeeper not that it is just hubby and me. But don't look in my craft room!

  5. The teacup is lovely! It is difficult to say if it is felted wool, but they are so cute.

  6. Your little woolly ornaments are just darling!
    .50 for a beautiful tea cup...amazing.
    What a great idea that young lady did for herself and she achieved what she was hoping for.
    I'm a list maker and find that I accomplish more with a list because I love to check off!

  7. They don't appear to me to be felted. But as others have said, they are very cute :-)

    That's a good story about the housekeeping. I have tried many systems over the years, especially when I had a houseful of people I was both cleaning up after and trying to train to clean up after themselves. Some of my homeschooling friends managed to get all the housework and the children organized so that she didn't have to do any of it. My children left home too soon so I never accomplished that. It was difficult to go back to having to do it all myself when the last one left home!

  8. Oh ...how I wish I could find teacups at a bargain price. This is another lovely one for your collection
    Phoebe x

  9. They look felted to me. I've just started felting some of my alpaca fleece. I finally bought some felting needles -- perhaps needle felting is what was done to them?