Wednesday, 25 August 2021

In my Garden

 Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I appreciate every one.

Yesterday DH had an errand to run that would take him not far from the plant shop so I tagged along .

I bought these 3 Echinacea plants. The one on the left is Wildberry, the other 2 are Cheyenne Spirit.
I'm impressed with the size of the plants. I hope they'll bloom yet this Fall.

My Thai Basil is doing great. I bought it for its looks because I really prefer the Sweet Basil ( which is still doing well but I had to move it into the shade for those hottest days.)

Yesterday I also bought Parsley and another mint. Grapefruit this time.  For now they're on the porch.

Tomatoes are producing more than we can eat. Time to freeze some.

Remember my only Zinnia?  Here she is and she's doing well. The pink blooms fade a bit as they age.
I hope to have better luck with Zinnias next year.

 That's what is happening in my garden. We're expecting showers for the next 2 days so my thirsty plants will get some much-needed moisture. Hopefully the showers will be heavy enough to have an impact on the wild fires.

Thanks for dropping by,   GM




  1. Your plants look lovely. I did not know that there were different kinds of Echinacea. I learn something new every day!

  2. The forest fires were fertile. I hope there will be enough rain for you.
    Today we had a wonderful sunny day, I went to the market and made chops with champinons and lemons, green beans and fresh potatoes ... from tomorrow it should rain here too.
    I don't have that many tomatoes, we eat tomato salad a lot ... do you puree the tomatoes and freeze the paste?

  3. I too hope rain comes for the fire-stricken area!! Live all you bought at the nursery...and your pretty zinnia.

  4. I didn't get around to putting in my zinnia seeds this year, so I really missed all that color. We havea ton more tomoates than we can eat, so give some away to family and a neighbor. I need to freeze some, also. I think the tomatoes were extra tasty this year. Blessings!

  5. We're really enjoying our Echinacea at this time of year, but our tomatoes are hardly producing at all.

  6. A fine walk through your garden!

    I like Echinacea very much! I exspect what they will show us this autumn (or next?)!

    The Basil looks stabil. We also have one of this sort in our garden (in a pot) .

    And the taste of Parslay must not be away in your good kitchen!

    Whow: So many Tomatoes!!!!!!!! Congratulation!

    I LOVE Zinnia, this colour is my favourite - -

    The proverb of Nietsche is great!!!!!

  7. I love The Lone Zinnia. I am crazy for them again. Your garden sure is prolific and pretty! The blooms of the basil you have are as pretty as any cutting flower. Does the Grapefruit Mint smell like grapefruit? I think my orange mint does smell of citrus!

    1. It's very hard to tell just what it smells like but it does smell sort of like grapefruit.

  8. Nice Healthy looking Echinacea plants they should do well! :)

  9. You've reminded me that I want to find some new and robust echinacea plants to put in the ground soon. I have not had good luck with them the last few years; the new species in different colors don't seem to last, and the local nurseries haven't stocked the old standard echinacea purpurea. But maybe this year will be different.

  10. I would like to send you some rain! We had too much this summer in the north of France, but we must be happy not to have fires.
    I did not plant tomatoes this year, but those who have planted them with too much rain have lost them.

  11. Hello!
    Great post. I really like your blog, it's interesting and inspiring! I will be happy to come to read more entries :)
    I wish you all the best!
    Greetings from Poland!

  12. By this time the tomatoes have slacked off to just a handful now and then. I can always depend on the herbs though. Your plants all look wonderfully happy and healthy.

  13. I like the Echinacea plants :)

    All the best Jan

  14. Your tomatoes are looking good, a beautiful taste of Summer for those Winter months.