Monday, 23 August 2021

This and That

My birthday was celebrated with family and I was showered with love, gifts, and cake!
Second oldest daughter and youngest son both brought cake.  There were pictures of me but I always manage to look sad even when I'm having a great time so I'll skip those.


My Lilies are looking wonderful.

Here's a little 'before' and 'after' shot of what I've done in the sunroom.

We're into the last full week of August so I'm slowly bringing Fall-ish things out. Our weather is cloudy and cool so that adds to the Fall feeling.

I hope you are having a good week.

Thanks for coming by.  GM


  1. Happy Birthday to you, GM. The cakes look yummy and so nice to see your "kids".
    I like both of your sun room looks. The little pink shoes are so sweet. I am starting to think fall thoughts. Just wish our weather would go along with me.

  2. It's great knowing your birthday was good, happy & filled with family, gifts, and goodies!!

    Pretty lilies.

  3. So lovely for you to be showered with gifts, love, and cake but a photo of you with your cakes would have been lovely for us to see! Very nice seasonal displays. I noticed that alot of the stores have put out their Halloween stuff already! Here the weather has changed as well and it is cool and overcast.

  4. A lovely post and I am so pleased that your birthday was celebrated with family and you were showered with love, gifts, and cake.
    That's what a birthday is all about :)

    I do like the fall display in your sunroom.
    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  5. Two cakes to celebrate you! Happy Birthday!

  6. Congratulations for your birthday, dear Granny Marigold!


    Your daughter and son look very nice and dear! You have a wonderful family - the biggest present - I think you say the same.

    I mean to know, that you did not look sad on the photos!!!!


    Fall will bring happy fruits for our stomache and for our souls, I hope.

    Yes, we always have to learn to see the daily beauty and miracles - - -

  7. Well Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful day.

    I like either version of your sunroom!

  8. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a really special day. Nothing better that being with the family. Pretty birthday cakes! You sound like me when it comes to pictures of yourself. Both my daughters and four grandchildren came for lunch last Wednesday. Lots of pictures were taken and all were good except those including me. :) Happy Birtyday!

  9. So glad you had a great birthday! Wishing you many more. Chris

  10. Happy Birthday! How nice that your thoughtful relatives brought two cakes for you! Your lilies are lovely! And I like your fall decor. Looks good.

  11. It Sure sounds as if you had a great birthday. It IS beginning to look a lot like fall in your house. I'm determined to wait until October sometimes. Probably the 1st! That way I definitely will be able to have fall out and enjoy it, although I am NOT a fan of winter.
    Take care.

  12. Happy Birthday GM - so happy to hear you had a great day (TWO cakes, wow!).
    Your 'before' sunroom picture is so pretty I wondered why you wanted to change it - then I saw the 'after' picture and it is simply gorgeous too. What a fantastic way to celebrate the seasons :) xx

  13. Happy Birthday G.M....glad you had a great time with Family. We are into our eighth week of Lock Down - hope by end of next month it'l be the mean time it is icy cold, windy and raining - good to be inside and warm. Best Wishes. KEV.

  14. Happy Birthday! I always feel blessed to have a family to celebrate with. Your day was a special one, for sure! Fall in the sunroom is a welcome sight. I am done with summer, even though it isn't done with us. Today's high is expected to be 100 degrees. :~/

  15. Awe, glad you had a wonderful birthday. got two cakes? YAY! More for coffee or tea right? I love the displays in the sunroom GM. That Fall one is perfect if only we could get some fallish weather! You are so right! It is up to us to see the beauty in everyday things. Happy week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. All happy birthday to you. It is wonderful that you celebrated with the children and that there were such beautiful birthday cakes ... I love cakes and pies :-)) Thank you for the beautiful picture of your two.
    We had a lot of rain almost the entire summer, so that everything is green and blooming ... this morning it was a little cooler and I baked - cakes and bread - so the kitchen was cozy and warm :-)) The crickets chirp still and as long as this is the case, the summer will remain. Best regards to you ... I would like to taste your cake :-)) Viola :-)

  17. Happy Belated Birthday. GM.

    How nice to be showered with love, gifts and cakes!

    And your lilies are very pretty.

  18. Belated Happy Birthday, GM. How great to be with family to celebrate. Your lilies are gorgeous. Yes, fall is creeping up on us!

  19. Happy birthday! I know what you mean about photos. My photos always look terrible, so I avoid people with cameras, lol.
    God bless you and your wonderful family!

  20. Happy belated birthday!! Plural cakes, wow, what a bonus treat! Your yellow lilies are stunning!! Blessings to you!!

  21. We'll have to take your word for it that you were happy ;-) It looks wonderful and delicious, and lovely that you could have family to help celebrate.

  22. A very Happy belated Birthday! Love the cakes and what you did in your sun room.

  23. Belated Birthday wishes, looks like you had a wonderful celebration with plenty of yummy cake!