Saturday 16 October 2021

Saturday Trivialities



It's chilly and wet today.  I hope we get more warm and sunny days otherwise Fall will be much too short and it will just morph into winter rain.  It's a good day for baking because the kitchen warms up nicely.

Today it's Carrot cake and a Banana cake.  The Carrot cake will be cut into portions and put in the freezer (well, not all of it. It would be a shame not to sample it). The Banana cake will be going along with DH when he goes to his volunteer 'job' on Monday. He wanted raisins in it. I have put chocolate chips in it other times but this time it's raisins.  I'll ice them once they've cooled.


Eldest daughter often comes for lunch on Fridays and often takes home flowers or leaves to sketch. She gave me a lovely watercolour of some Coneflowers that she picked. I hung it in my sunroom.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Teacup # 18


  1. The cakes look so good. A slice of carrot cake, please. I'll bring the coffee.

  2. Your cakes sound delicious.
    We are at 65 today! Warm enough to shed the extra layers as we worked in the garden most of the day. It was lovely, and now I'm tired. I think we earned a day off tomorrow.

  3. Your daughter is talented! Watercolor is a hard master, very unforgiving! Beautiful work! Do you dredge your raisins in flower before adding to your banana cake? Just wondering. My mother instilled that in me after I made a sad little loaf cake with burnt raisins along the bottom.

  4. I am enjoying your lovely fall posts, which makes me want to go out and buy some pumpkins. I love watercolors and coneflowers...together your daughter has created a beautiful piece of art! Your cakes look oh-so-yummy! Yes, they must be sampled...preferably while warm.

  5. Oh Granny this teacup is a real favorite of mine! Your carrot cake and banana cake look great. I just made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with tiny choc. chips in them. Very good! May all your baked goodies be enjoyed greatly!

  6. Your daughter is very talented - that is a lovely watercolour :)

  7. The watercolor from your daughter is beautiful and the cakes look delicious. You've shared a beautiful teacup with us today. I really like the shape and flowers.
    My day was really nice. A pedicure with Mandy, Piper, my sister and niece this morning. Then leftovers for lunch with our girls and a movie while I knitted and the puppies played. Piper and I went to the cemetery and put flowers on my Mom & Dads graves for Mom's birthday today. We also put them on Dennis's Dad's grave. The cemetery is only a couple of blocks from our house and it was a lovely day for visiting. Blue, blue skies and about 60F.
    I hope your Sunday is lovely.

  8. Your kitchen and heart always is warm, dear Granny Marigold!

    Lovely family!

    I heard, that this winter will be very cold in Germany.....

  9. Nice watercolor, I like. And you know what, my daughter also paints :-) and I love to have her pictures in the house.
    I could taste a piece of your cake right away ... oh that would be nice.
    Greetings to you and have a wonderful Sunday.

  10. Either cake sounds good. Inlove the coneflowers your daughter did.

  11. I love to do
    sketches too. I really like her work/talent.

    Beautiful tea cup.

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) The cakes looks really tasty and what a lovely painting from your daughter, so nice!
    Have a great sunday!

  13. What a nice drawing she is very artistic!

  14. Delicious looking cakes! How talented your daughter is, and how lovely for you to have her paint your flowers. We had some lovely sunshine yesterday afternoon for a few hours, but the rain has set in again this morning.

  15. Love the's beautiful. As is your tea cup/set.

  16. Your cakes sure look good!!
    What a lovely water color of the cone flowers that your daughter painted!!
    Turned cool here after the rain of yesterday - this morning walk it was 40 degrees.
    Very pretty tea cup.

  17. Baking is so fun! What a lovely sketch!!!🥰🤩

  18. Good looking cakes but I will gladly take that carrot cake! YUM! Rather chilly here this morning in my neck of the woods but suppose to be in the 80's rest of week. But it was nice and brisk this morning. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Your cakes look so scrumptious.
    Very pretty painting your daughter did of flowers from your garden.
    Another beautiful tea cup.