Friday, 3 December 2021

Friday Chit Chat

 Here is a blast from the past, 14 years ago and I'm pulling 4 year old granddaughter C down the street on a sled. We had snow early that year.

 There may be no snow outside yet but there's some on the dollhouse roof.

The Teddy bears have their own little tree.

My hands and feet are always cold; I find I wear socks 10 months of the year. I like having pretty ones and when I saw these on clearance I treated myself.  5 pair for $7 was a fair price I thought.

Teacup #40  (still in the Japanese teacup collection)

Thanks for popping by,  GM


  1. That gree cup set is exceptional. Both color & style!!
    Sweet photo of you with granddaughter on the sled. And the Christmas bear and their own tree? Awesome. It's so good to have another blogger who is young at heart during the season.

  2. I love that photo of you and C in the snow! Looks like it should be a postcard!

  3. What privileged teddies to have their own little tree and picnic table. They have dressed up for the occasion!

  4. A lovely look back photograph :)

    All the best Jan

  5. What a fine snow and beautiful Granny Marigold with a little angel!

    Nice socks make life warmer.

    Does it still rain so much?

    I appreciate your Christmas-decorations and your adventurous teacups.

  6. I like a nice warm sock too.
    Love your doll house - nice touch with the snow.

  7. Love that tea cup! Love those pretty socks too! And that first pic with the snow and you is beautiful. We have a snowstorm coming Sunday!

  8. There is a possibility of snow in the forecast, but I'm sure it won't amount to much. I like my snow to wait until after New Years.

  9. Cute socks! I hear on the weather that you have rain not snow this year:)

  10. That was a beautiful snow fourteen years ago. It looks like granddaughter C was having a grand time. And probably grandmother was too! I have been wearing wool socks for a few weeks now, but my feet got a little warm today. If I can keep my feet warm, I usually don't get sick. I take a heated gel pack to bed for my feet. I can't go to sleep with cold feet. I love the doll house. It looks so real.

  11. I love that teacup! Great price on the socks!

  12. That was a lot of snow! We haven't had any snow yet this year. Although that's fine with me, I know the farmers need it. Cute little tree for the teddy bears. The green teacup is very pretty but unusual. I found most people in Japan don't use the cups with handles. They like the little ones like you get in restaurants.
    Have a great Saturday!

  13. Nice socks! As you have seen on my blog I knit a lot of socks and I wear wool socks from about September to end of April :)