Tuesday 8 March 2022

Thrifty Finds



 Recently I was browsing on Pinterest and I noticed that there were cupcake makers and recipes for savoury little muffins that people were also making in it.   I decided if I saw an inexpensive one at the thrift store I'd buy it and try it out. I did price this Babycakes model on Walmart's site and it goes for $136.79. I bought this one for less than $2.00 and it hardly looks used at all.

 I'm still reading my way through my own books and this history of Narnia is what I'm reading now.
I found the Voyage of the Dawntreader in the childrens book dept. (.50) and the print is quite large which will make reading it much easier on my old eyes than the one I already own.  Looks like I'll be reading about Narnia for a while!



Today's teacups are Royal Albert Devonshirelace pattern. I also have the saucer that someone glued onto a glass candlestick (.25). I might even find a use for it someday.

 Thanks for visiting.  GM


  1. The Chronicles of Narnia are so wonderful for people of all ages! Love the teacups - such a pretty design. Enjoy making cupcakes with your new cupcake maker. I've never seen anything like it.

  2. You found some thrifty deals! I have been wanting to go thrifting. Maybe soon I can work that into my retirement days! LOL!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Wow...terrific find!! You wonder why they got rid of it. Joyful cooking ahead.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a Baby Cakes maker. Looks pretty handy and wow did you ever get a good deal!!

  5. Fine snap for the muffins! I cannot believe, that this kitchen utensil can be so cheep!

    My eyes also like big letters more! I loke the snowy trees on the cover of the book.

    What a collection of special cups you have!!
    Funny, that somebody fixed the saucer on a candle-stick :)

  6. Ha Granny.....I'm waiting to see the little babycakes you're going to make. Everything you made looks so delicious!

  7. I liked the Narnia books - probably time I read them again too!
    What a bargain you found with the Babycakes maker. I had to look it up as it was new to me, and discovered a whole new world of Cake Pops! I wonder when they will become a cooking-fashion item here?
    Have fun experimenting with it :)

  8. I've seen those babycakes muffin makers and couldn't believe how expensive they are. I'm glad you found one so much cheaper. Our kids all loved Chronicles of Narnia and so have our grands. In fact, Piper's class had a dress as your favorite storybook character last week. She wanted to go as Susan but was afraid none of the kids would know who it was. She went as Hermione from Harry Potter instead. Such a cutie.

  9. I think that little saucer stand would look lovely with one of your newly baked cupcakes setting on it :)
    Wow $136.79 and you paid $2. You deserve a good shopper award :)

  10. What a bargain find for the cupcake maker, impressive. Love the cup/saucer.

  11. You find some of the best buys! I told Roger the other day for as big as a nearby city is, I don't know of any good thrift shops.

    Beautiful teacups.

  12. Wow, you got a great deal on that Babycakes! You'll have to let us know what you make in it. The Devonshirelace cup & saucer is gorgeous! The plate glued on top of the candlestick would make a lovely serving plate. May I come for tea?

  13. I don't know why anyone would pay $140 for a cupcake maker, but since you got it extra cheap, have fun with it.

  14. The Narnia books are very popular.
    I do like the teacup/saucer.

    All the best Jan

  15. How nice with a cupcake maker! Lovely book and lovely cups too...
    Have a beautiful day and take care :)

  16. Narnia... I love the series. I wish you much joy with the book.
    I'm curious about your cupcake ... I have such a device for waffles ... at least it looks like it, but with a waffle pattern. And it works wonderfully.
    Greetings to you, yesterday I had a hard day at school, Putin's war hurts my soul.
    Today I'm going to start sewing my pants... I'm excited.
    hug from me. Viola

  17. Seems like lots of work for a small cupcake when you would just eat about four! Perhaps it is good for a fancy party!

  18. What an amazing deal on that cupcake maker!! That's why thrift stores are so great :) And it looks easy! Dawn Treader is a very fun story. Good find too.