Thursday, 31 March 2022

More Chit Chat



Where did the week go? I can't believe it's been 4 days since I last posted.  I'll blame it on feeling somewhat under the weather.
I don't think I've shown you the 2 quilted table toppers that I got at the thrift store last week. Perfect for Easter. I've already placed them on the tables.

We're still having days of mixed showers and sunshine.  So far it's been more showers than sunshine but hopefully April will bring more sunshine.  I sowed some lettuce indoors just to get an early start on that. I think it may be too soon for anything else just yet.  I'll be watching for onion sets to be available. They don't mind the cold.

 I made an apple crisp.  It didn't take very long and it disappeared. We're both very fond of apple crisp.  It's fruit and it's very healthy, right?

Here's another tea pot.  It's a Christmas one.  The words say May you be filled with the peace & beauty of the season and the love of family and friends. 

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  1. That's a beautiful teapot, and how fun to find seasonal table toppers at the thrift store!

  2. Yes healthy Apple Crisp! Sounds yummy to me!

  3. Hi! Hope your feeling fine now. We have had lots of rain also. You find wonderful treasures. I especially like that first table runner and the tea pot......Nancy

  4. I am still loving your weekly chit chats. Talk of spring plantings, thrift store finds, and good food are happy subjects. I love the teapot. The words are perfect for every season.

  5. You find the best things at thrift stores. Those table toppers are so cute. :-) Love them. I think I may need to venture to the nicer part of town to find good things like you do. Our thrift stores are pretty icky. The teapot is pretty too. I kind of regret getting rid of all of mine. I should have sent them to you instead of taking them to the thrift store.
    We had about 2 inches of snow when we woke up this morning but it's all gone now. Tomorrow is supposed to be near 60F. I sure hope so. We may even go to the zoo.

  6. I like this kind of blankets very much! Good decision to "catch" them and decorate your house in Eastertime!

    I also say: Time is running so fast!

    Good cooking and baking, heart for a big family and fine collections of cups and teapots and more: This is lovely and wonderful Granny Marigold!!

  7. Lovin' your teapots!!
    And the table runners are great for the season.

  8. That's a very pretty tea pot, you do find some good things!

  9. Cute the teapot.

  10. Your table-toppers were a great find! We love apple crisp too, and it never lasts very long :)

  11. What cute table toppers! Apple crisp is a favorite around here too... and I totally agree that it is very healthy! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. How fun to find the quilted table toppers and they are perfect for Easter. You apple crisp looks delicious. I love any kind of fruit crisp warm from the oven with, perhaps, a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I agree, it does fall into the healthy category.

  13. What a beautiful saying on your pretty teapot. Drinking tea with soul.
    Your doilies are wonderful, a real little treasure when I think how much work they are... I think they found you :-))
    Happy weekend to you. It snowed here last night, but we've already had 2-3 weeks of spring with up to 17 degrees Celsius plus (62.6 Fahrenheit?)
    Hug Viola
    p.s. I cook soup - leek soup :-)

  14. ooh very pretty table toppers, you can find such neat things there at the thrift shops. We are waiting, not patiently any more for spring, every weekend...snowing and & cold. The temperature is going from extreme to extreme in a matter of days. Love the Springtime.

  15. Apple crisp is so so good! Your family is so lucky to have you baking for them.