Tuesday 1 March 2022

Welcome March


Remember this pot of Daffodils that I showed in my last post?   Well, the Daffs are starting to fade and fall over but the Hyacinths are open now and they fill the house with their lovely scent. (As you can see I've had to tie them up).

In the pot with the Amaryllis you can see the yellow sticky thing that catches the gnats.  Some of them have obviously survived the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment because I still see a few flying around. I don't dare drench again because a couple of plants were not too happy with all that water and began to have yellow leaves.

A bit of excitement this morning. As we sat in the sunroom having our breakfast we noticed smoke billowing from the roof of a house on the street behind us. We think it was empty now but as recently as Christmas I noticed lights were on.  No fire trucks showed up so DH finally called 911 and it wasn't long before they came. Using the zoom I was able to get a picture.  The houses on the street behind us are all destined to be demolished  eventually, and no doubt this will hasten the end of this particular one.

 I should have waited until Mother's Day to post this teacup. I love the pretty violets.



Thanks for visiting,  GM



  1. What excitement! Good that your husband called the Fire brigade out.
    I love the violets on your tea cup.

  2. Looks like the tea set has small serving plates? What a talent you have growing indoor plants!!
    Hope the fire was not arson.

  3. Good thing no one was living in the house.
    Love your Hello March picture.
    Hard to believe Feb is gone already.

  4. Good thing your DH called the fire dept so at least it didn't spread. Hyacinths are very fragrant!

  5. Thes first spring flowers coming out from their special onions always make us happy. Such beautiful colours! Yes, I remebember the yellow photo with the flower-cup and - we call them "Easter-bells".

    Your plants always enjoy best care.

    Big compliment you and your husband calling the rescue to stop the fire! You are a blessing for your environment and more.

    Best greetings from the still in the mountains snowy Bavarian Forest!

  6. March means daffodils to me. I love them. They were our wedding flowers for our March wedding many years ago.

  7. It's a good thing you noticed the smoke and called the fire department. Indoor bulbs are so pretty. Hyacinths' scent is strong, but I love it.

  8. I love your pretty pots of spring flowers. Daffodils never last long enough for me. Tulips either.
    Gosh, I'm so glad that your Hubby called the fire department. That's some excitement you can do without.
    The teacup is beautiful. Purple is my favorite color so violets are a sweet choice of mine.

  9. You must have a green thumb GM. Your flowers and plants always look healthy. Love that tea cup. It's crazy that March is already upon us. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. I am glad no one was in the house...fire scares me. Hyacinths have such a lovely scent. They are so gorgeous. And that teacup set is beautiful.

  11. Your teacup is stunning. I love the bright, beautiful spring flowers, too.