Thursday, 15 September 2022

Teddy Bears and Kittens

 It's Thursday and the week is almost over. My but it went by fast!!  My back is still stiff and sore but I've been taking it easy. Thank you for your sweet comments. I honestly try to be careful but I seem to forget and then these things happen.

One of the little jobs I took care of was putting the Spring Teddy Bears back into the box under the bed while taking out the Fall Bears from the same.


 Miss Kitty is very helpful when I putter outside. I was in my garden shed where I store a lot of my things and she tried to be useful.

She gave us a big scare a few days ago when her kittens suddenly disappeared.  We knew that mother cats sometimes hide their kittens but never dreamed that ours would.  DH went around to the neighbours and asked them to be on the look-out. After 24 hours she was discovered in a neighbour's garden shed well hidden in a corner. If that neighbour hadn't heard the tiny meows he would not of known they were there.  For now the kittens and Miss Kitty are being very closely monitored.
Tomorrow the little ones will be 2 weeks old and their eyes are finally open. Soon I should be able to get some pictures without unduly upsetting the Momma cat.

Thanks for stopping by,  GM


  1. I truly hope nothing tragic happens to the litter!! Sweet, sweet teddies!!

  2. I got a notion the other day that I could start decorating for fall, but I let it pass. Maybe next week at the Equinox, if we get some rain.
    Your bears are cute.

  3. Oh, what a pretty cat. I didn't know you had her and how sweet that she has kittens. Can't wait to see pictures. Love your teddy bears. GM, I just looked at your last two posts and left you comments. Sorry to always be so far behind. So glad you didn't get injured when you fell.

  4. First: Sorry because of your stiff and painful back! Hope you feel better very soon!
    It's funny when the bears change from spring to autumn.

    What an adventurous Kitty-mama-cat! She looks really sweet, when she helps you cleaning the garden shed. :)
    Thanks goodness your neighbor found her kitten!

    What a blessing you do for this cat. Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Greeting from my heart from Dori

  5. So glad you located the kittens. Bet they are adorable. Look forward to seeing pictures. Have you found homes for any of them? If I lived near you, I'd be tempted to take one. :)

  6. Your bears are so cute. I drug out some of my fall decor yesterday although it is still so hot, it seems kind of silly. And I don't want the cold of winter to arrive either.
    I'm glad the kittens were found. That must have been a bit unsettling.

  7. Oh Granny, I can't wait to see what those kittens look like, when they get a little bigger. Sounds like Mama Cat is taking pretty good care of them, even though scaring the heck out of you. She looks like she likes being around you too. Love the pictures!

  8. Lucky cat to have found such a good home. She is beautiful! I have been looking forward to pictures of the kittens! Mary @hilltop post

  9. Looking forward to seeing photos of those adorable kittens! I'm glad you located them!
    Here the weather seems to have changed overnight and it's overcast and cool. Fall is definitely here.

  10. You have so many interesting collections! And I can’t wait to see kitty snaps!

  11. I love teddy bears. I had these problems with kittens

  12. I can't wait to see the kittens...the mama is beautiful.