Friday 30 December 2022

Happy New Year





Happy New Year!  I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I'm excited by the new year; there's something recharging about new beginnings. Meanwhile I've been reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next months.  No resolutions because I never succeed in keeping them anyway. Just plans and hopes and ideas of what I want to do. I'm not putting my Christmas decor away just yet. The tree is set to go on at 6 A.M. and greets me with pretty lights on these dark mornings. 

I find January the best time to organize and declutter as I find spots for some of the gifts I received. 

Would you like to see my new mug? It's perfect!!

Another gift was this small fountain with a cut glass ball that is kept in motion by water coming up from underneath. There's also a light that keeps the ball changing colours as it turns.  It's not going to stay on the kitchen counter.  I'll find a nice spot in the sunroom.

We're still eating leftovers so no great need for me to make meals. As for sweets, I think we have enough to last weeks, if not months. I've frozen most of them and will take some out as needed.
I wanted something less sweet and maybe a bit healthy so I baked bran muffins. I used my regular recipe and besides raisins I added dried cranberries and chopped up candied ginger that I had bought for a different recipe and didn't make after all.  I like the little kick I get when I hit a piece of the ginger. I may just add some every time I make bran muffins from now on. I made a spread for the muffins. I used spreadable cream cheese, a bit of icing sugar and some crushed (thawed) strawberries. It was delicious.

I've nattered on long enough. I'll go do something useful now. Let me know how your Christmas was.
Thanks for visiting,

Granny Marigold


  1. Had a lovely Christmas. Church in the morning and David and Liz came over in the afternoon for dinner.
    I did a lot of baking for the holidays but gave most of it away!
    What a pretty mug!
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. I think your header is gorgeous with all of the teacups. And you did get some beautiful gifts. The cup with the butterfly is so delicate.
    We'll have an early night for New Years after a band is here in the evening to help us ring in the year.

  3. The turkey carcass went into the soup pot today. When I get up from my sitting position I'll finish off the soup and we'll have it for a couple of meals. Tomorrow I'll bake banana muffins with cranberries since I have three over ripe bananas. They'll go in the freezer, where all of the left over cookies still reside.
    Our Christmas was very good. Our decorations will probably come down starting Monday. It's a big job packing everything away. Then we'll enjoy the spare look for a while.

  4. Dear Granny Marigold, I wish you and your family a happy and blessed new year! I really love the new header!!! I appreciate your plans and attidude according the new year! We let the candles of Christmas still shine and enjoy the presents - - -

  5. Hi Granny! Love seeing all your teacups and saucers! Our Christmas was good....great service at our church, great dinner, great family nearby. I developed a skin infection in my lower legs over Christmas and finally got to the ER about the an antibiotic and am slowly making my way back to health. I will retain the good memories of the season! Wishing you and yours a beautiful and happy New Year!

  6. Those muffins sound GOOD!!! I love your cup and that fountain is gorgeous!!
    Yes, I am no hurry to take all my pretty decorations down. Once I was skiing in Colorado in February and I noticed so many had kept their Christmas lights up and it looked so pretty with the snow. No snow in Texas but I do love all things 'pretty.'
    Happy New Year!!

  7. I love your new header! Great to hear that you are starting the new year (and ending this one) with lots of enthusiasm and plans. Your brand muffins sound delish. We had very few leftovers of either the turkey meal or the baking so I will need to replenish the freezer. Today I will be baking a cranberry orange tea bread (new recipe). Wishing you a happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Blessings, Linda

  9. Happy New Year’s Eve Granny! I love your new header photo — those tea cups are gorgeous! And your muffins look good too.

  10. The header with the teacups are so nice! Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!

  11. Your teacups are so pretty (I confess I spent ages looking at them all before reading your blog).
    I never thought of putting ginger in bran muffins (it goes well in shortbread), but it sounds delicious - something for me to try in the future :)

  12. I do like your new mug :)

    All the best Jan

  13. Pretty tea cup. I was in bed for Xmas with covid so Mr L went to get some ready made dishes from the shop so we don’t have leftovers.