Saturday, 12 September 2015

Thrifty finds

My first ( and favourite) find this week is this Marjolein Bastin tile-topped table. The corner of one tile has been broken and re-glued. Doesn't make me like it any less.  I love her artwork.

                                       Here it is on the porch, beside the white wicker chair.

This garage sale was out of town. A lot of stuff, only the Royal Albert tea pot interested me. No lid and also had a crack so it was mine for a dollar. Right now it's on a table outside the door with Hydrangeas in it.

This box of large cards appealed to me. Have no idea what I'll do with them but I didn't want to leave and once home be sorry I hadn't gotten them.

I know I have way too many notebooks but they were practically free so what could I do. My grandaughter chose 2 and so did I... paid a dollar.

Last of my treasures are two suede covered storage boxes.  I do love organizing and to do that I need boxes. Preferably pretty boxes.

We had a lovely sunny day. Son#2 and my DIL cut down all the ratty looking Hostas ( DH and I started that job yesterday but after one wheelbarrow full we went indoors to take Ibuprofen and have a rest.)   Then today son #3 came and began the job of ripping all the stone off the front of the house   ( well, not all the front.  Just the area around the front door and along the front about 2 feet up The rest is siding. ). I will have photos as the job goes along.) So thankful for my helpful guys.

Did you have a lovely Saturday?   ( I notice that I love the word "lovely" and seem to use it a lot. Also I use brackets a lot!)
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 Granny Marigold


  1. You found some really good bargains! I love the counting birds and the teapot.

  2. You find so many nice things at garage sales. I love your new table!
    You are blessed to have such wonderful, helpful kids.
    Take care.

  3. I always wonder where you're going to find space for all of your new treasures, but you pull it off! :D Hydrangeas in a teapot. Excellent idea! And the little table looks perfect in its spot outside. I would have bought the bird cards, too, just because I'm a sucker for pretty art! Isn't it wonderful to have helpful kids? I have some of those myself. :) Stay cool!

  4. You made me laugh with your love of lovely. There are a few words that I have forbidden myself to use while blogging as I noticed I was way overusing them. I can't promise that they aren't still sneaking in somehow.
    That MB table is a great find and looks so "lovely" next to your white wicker. I love her artwork too.
    I agree that organizing is definitely preferable with pretty boxes.
    Three cheers for helpful family members. I look forward to seeing your changes.