Sunday, 13 September 2015

Flowers, a porch, and a playground

My Autumn Crocus is blooming. So often we get a heavy rain and the poor thing is flattened but this year it looks lovely.

                         The Sedum is colouring up nicely.

                                 Morning Glories still blooming.

While garage saling yesterday one of the places had this attractive porch. Couldn't resist taking a picture or two.

The little man and I went to the nearby school ground so he could play but I had neglected to take my camera. Later we went to the library and this time I did have my camera. He likes this odd piece of equipment that is right close by and had a great time.

That was my Sunday in a nutshell.  How was yours?      Granny Marigold


  1. Very beautiful porch. It looks very peaceful.
    Your flowers all look lovely.
    It poured rain all day Sunday so we spent it inside doing housework and more painting.
    Looks like you had a lovely day!

  2. That IS a lovely porch!
    What a cute little grand!

  3. Wish you could see my Sedum, "Autumn Joy". It looks nothing like yours. Mine is little, puny flopped-over stems with a tiny bit if blooms on top. That is another flower I can't grow. I've divided the Sedum and have several pots but it is nothing to look at. Yours is beautiful! Those saucers glued to the candle sticks are really pretty!

    1. I'm sorry about your Sedum not thriving. I wonder why not?

      I left a comment on your blog but I want to post here as well.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. What little boy doesn't like to climb! LOL I had never heard of fall crocus but all your flowers are lovely. I do have Autumn Joy Sedum. It is easy for me to grow so a winner here! Nancy

  5. The crocuses are beautiful as are all of your flowers. I do love that peaceful front porch. Kids seem to gravitate toward anything that involves climbing, don't they? I had a wonderful Sunday. Glad to see you did, too! :)

  6. Your garden is thriving beautifully. I just noticed that my sedum is getting ready to bloom too. Always such a nice surprise at this time of year.
    That porch is pretty and the front window is so clean :).
    Your little man is a cutie. The climbing structure looks like fun.