Thursday 24 September 2015


Today as I sat in the sunroom I watched the traffic at the bird feeder. I think there were half a dozen Chickadees making repeated visits to daintily choose a sunflower seed and fly off to eat it. They kept up coming and going so maybe there were more. Couldn't keep up with them.. Then a Junco came and just sat on the feeder tray chasing any other bird away. I got fed up with him, slipped on some shoes and went out to shoo him away.
There were other birds including a Towhee and an unidentified Sparrow. Like most people I have trouble identifying the Sparrows.

I had a LOT of trouble identifying this little guy when I first saw him on the lake a few years ago.  I went home and looked at every duck in the book but none looked like him (her?).  I kept seeing him and searching until one day I happened to be in the Grebe section and there he was!!  A pied-billed Grebe.  I saw him again this morning. Mostly a loner although I have seen two at a time. He swims quite near the edge of the lake and doesn't seem overly concerned that I'm there.

No early morning walk for me tomorrow. I'm off to do my grocery shopping first thing, when the stores are not yet busy. By the time I've walked around the store, brought the groceries home ( with my DH's help, of course)  and put them away I'm more tired than after walking around the lake!
That's the time to put the kettle on and sit with a cup of tea.

Do you do your shopping on a certain day or just make random trips whenever you need something? 

Granny Marigold


  1. Random trips for me. Since we are 20 minutes from downtown Abbotsford, Mission and Langley, I could take my pick, but by far most of my shopping is done in Abbotsford. I usually try to make a few stops when I come into town, but will sometimes do some grocery shopping if I happen to be sort of passing by. Which is what I did last Sunday after the farmers market, then visiting my mother in the care home, and finally stopped for some groceries in Langley on the way home. By that point I was toast:)

  2. You definitely get lots of steps at the grocery store!
    That is a very interesting grebe!
    Aren't you so thankful that the birds come to visit? Me, too!
    Happy Friday, GM!

  3. What a pretty bird, or Grebe I guess!
    I have been noticing lots of chickadees at our feeders too. I can hear them out there right now.
    I tend to do a big grocery shop on the 15th and 30th because for 31 years that was when Chuck was paid. I pick up items we need in between. I shop early in the morning too.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I knew it was some type of Grebe. I've seen them here, too. Thanks for fully identifying it. I scatter sunflower seeds on my porch and watch out the window for the chickadees. I even get blue jays and crows stealing the cat's food. Kind of fun to see these bigger birds, but they're very wary and I don't get to see them for long!
    Since I work at a grocery store I tend to buy a little each day after work.
    You are blessed to have such a nice nature area in the middle of town!

  5. I don't have any certain day to shop but try to combine errands to save gas. Birds are so much fun to watch. We don't have a bird feeder so mostly have sparrows but even they are fun to watch. Nancy

  6. We do our shopping and errands the same day every week unless a big snowstorm is coming:)

  7. HI again..
    love the barn banner..really cool.