Monday, 21 September 2015

Mushrooms and more

These are the things I brought back from my morning walk.  The bigger bunch of berries is (are?) Mountain Ash and the smaller one Cotoneaster ( I think). What I wish I knew more about are mushrooms. I tried looking up mushrooms of B.C. but none looked like this one. The closest was the Booted Amanita but as far as I can see that one does not have a smooth top.

Would you like a little fact about mushrooms that I did find?
One of the earliest records of mushroom use was the case of Otzi, the Tyrolean Iceman, who was frozen in ice but not discovered until1991 in the Italian Alps. Otzi lived 5000 years ago and was carrying three different kinds of mushrooms when he died.  The fungi had laxative and antibiotic properties and scientists speculate that he was using them to cure  his stomach parasites.I'll bet you were really wanting to know this.

I trimmed back my exuberant Mint plant and was about to throw the tops in the compost when I changed my mind. I can't resist rubbing the leaves as I walk by.

      I'm still waiting for these pears to ripen.It's hard to know when winter pears are ready to eat.

I hope your week is off to a great start.   Thanks for visiting.       Granny Marigold



  1. Very interesting fact about mushrooms.
    I have a large mint plant too that I cut back a couple of times a season. Our cat Sam loved it too.
    Have a great week.

  2. mmmmmmmm . . . . MINT! I love it, too!
    I must buy some pears. Yours look very inviting.
    Happy Monday, GM!

  3. Mint, I try to pull it out of the flower bed every year, and it always survives, and this year it has been particularly prolific. Same with the chinese lanterns.
    Our mountain ash berries are long gone.
    The pears, well wait until they give a little bit to pressure or change from that dark green to a paler, heading towards yellow colour. Sometimes it seems to take forever! A little harder to tell with the heavily russetted ones, but if you wait long enough you will be able to tell:)

  4. I love the treasures from your morning walk. I don't blame you for keeping the mint, it's such a fresh smell. Hope your week is a good one!

  5. Hi! I did not know that about mushrooms. I like your mint in the vase and the little table topper under it is so pretty. Did you make it? I don't have your kind of pears but have Asian pears and am wondering what I should do with them besides eating! Treasures from nature are pretty! Nancy

  6. The little table topper was another thrifty find. About the Asian pears... I made a pear crumble last week using 3 kinds of pears that I had on hand. Bartlett, Asian, and Bosc. The latter two kinds stayed very firm and would have benefited from some microwaving before adding them to the crumble but otherwise the taste was excellent. Just in case you want that particular recipe, I found it on Mennonite Girls can Cook's blog.