Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Saucers and other treasures

I love dishes and seem to collect a lot! I enjoy seeing them and don't like to have them shut away behind cupboard doors. SO... I arranged my odd saucers in an old drawer and have it on the counter so I can choose which one I want to use when I have a snack.

I found some cute things at a garage sale on the weekend. Three women were selling things they no longer wanted and their tastes were quite similar to mine. I had to resist getting too many things ( and then not knowing where to put them),  So I narrowed it down to the following. I especially love the pillow with it's cover that ties in the back. The pillow itself is filled with softest feathers ( or maybe down??)  
  There were only four of the Old English Countryside dinner plates by Johnson Bros.  DH and I will use those for the Fall months.  There were 7 small plates and one saucer in Royal Albert Lily of the Valley pattern. The plates were .25 each and the saucer .10

I have seen on Pinterest how you can glue a saucer on top of a crystal candleholder and that seems to be what someone did making a cute little stand... for candies maybe?
The tiny white ceramic pumpkin will no doubt appear in my Fall decorations.
One final treasure is the super soft and cozy throw that my DH patiently held up so I could take a proper photo . I love having lots of cozy blankets and throws around the house. If we have to have cold weather we should have cozy things, don't you agree?

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I hope you are having a pleasant day

Granny Marigold  


  1. Hi! What lovely treasures you seem to find! I really like the way you display your beautiful saucers!! I did make one of those plates on a candle holder. My husband glued it together for me! Yes, cozy throws are great or lap quilts for when something is needed! Nancy

  2. Wow, you got some great deals! I love the old English countryside plates.
    I agree with you about blankets. We have a basket of throws in the family room for the cooler weather.
    Have a nice day.

  3. What a great idea to use saucers for snacks! Smart, GM!

  4. I love the saucer idea! I've been meaning to hit some thrift stores and look for odds and ends of pretty china to use just for fun. Your dinner plates remind me of some that I found at a garage sale. Same brown tones. Mine were made in Japan and it's kind of funny, but those old English houses seem to have a Japanese quality about them, lol. Enjoyed looking at your finds! :)