Monday 14 September 2015

A rather unusual purchase

Last week when I was at the thrift store a framed sketch caught my eye. I looked at it, left, then came back to look at it again. For some reason it appealed to me but I couldn't think why. I told myself that I should just leave it; besides, it cost $7.50 which is more than I pay for something I don't even have a spot for.
All week I kept thinking about that sketch and today when my DH said he had to go to that end of town I went along just to check if it was still there. Well, it was and it was half price now. So of course I bought it.
The words on the lower left of the sketch are:
 Asylum for destitute aged and infirm females.
Founded by the ladies association 1831
The Ladies Association and Soup Dispensary

Then in the right corner it says  The Old Ladies' Home, St. Michael's Row, Bridgetown

On the back of the sketch, on the brown paper backing is the name of the art framing shop that matted and framed the sketch.  Bridgetown, Barbados

The artist is either JM , Jim, or Jill Walker ( I can't make out the first word).

I had thought I'd get a different frame but now that I see how far this has come I think I'll keep it just as it is.  I sure wonder how it found its way to Canada and then to end up in a thrift store.
Oh yes, I hung it in my powder room.

Oh the wonder of Google.  The artist is Jill Walker, born in 1927, and apparently quite well known for her sketches of Barbados subjects.
I'm quite excited to find out more about her.
I wish my picture was clearer so you could see the details.

While I waited for DH to come back from his errand and pick me up I browsed around and came upon the most lovely glass bowl with Roses and birds painted on it. Flowers and birds are some of my favourite things so the bowl was obviously meant to be mine. It looks quite nice in the living room.

That was my surprisingly different Monday. It sets the tone for a great week, I hope.

      Granny Marigold


  1. What a fun day! That painting is unusual and interesting. Pretty bowl! Hope the rest of your week is as lovely! Nancy

  2. What a fascinating find, GM! I like it!
    How great that it was reduced to half price, too. A treasure!

  3. You have made some nice thrifty finds just lately:) I think I'm suffering Thrift Store withdrawal, I haven't been in one for nearly two weeks. But, since I went in 13 during the 10 days my sister was here, I guess I really needed to take a break:)

  4. That table cover is really neat. Reminds me of the old ones that were laid across the piano top years ago. You must have made it. Beautiful! Phil/Eagle Bend, MN

    1. Thanks, but I am not at all "crafty" and could never have made such a delicate piece. It is, of course, yet another thrift find.

  5. Wow what great finds! Your new glass bowl is very pretty. You have wonderful thrift stores in your area!

  6. What a unique sketch I can see why you were drawn to it:)