Sunday 27 September 2015

Random Things

This morning we went to an estate sale that we didn't get to yesterday. The daughters were clearing out the things their mom had accumulated throughout her long life. At 93 she was finally going into assisted living.  There was an awful lot still to go and they were going to donate the rest at the end of today. Everything was half price and I had to buy this adorable little set of Royal Albert dishes           ( $5.00). The pattern is Devonshire Lace. There are 4  8"plates, one 7", and two tea cups and saucers.
We came home with a large basket of free garden stuff ( fertilizer, sprays, etc..) 2 jigsaw puzzles and a large  bag of assorted lace ( I think there's some tatting in there as well as crocheted lace). .

Years ago I used to make pickled beans and also carrots. I meant to again this summer but then it slipped my mind until it was too late to get fresh dill. Then this week I noticed I had a number of volunteer dill plants amid the flowers so today I made 3 quarts. It takes a LOT of carrots to fill 3 quarts. I had sure forgotten that. I hope they turn out because I got rid of my canner years ago so couldn't process them the way the recipe said. 

Now this is a dish I probably won't bother making again. Stuffed Acorn Squash. Good thing neither DH nor I was very hungry because we ate the filling and some of the squash but found the latter to be quite tasteless.

        I'll end with this photo of my Rudbeckias which are still blooming.

Now I'm off to see if I can watch the lunar eclipse. Last time I checked the moon wasn't visible to us yet. Too many trees etc..  Did you take the time to see it?

     Granny M.


  1. I had a perfect view of the lunar eclipse from my living room couch so I got to watch the whole event. Very nice. How about you, did you manage to check it out? Very pretty plates you found at the estate sale. Chris

    1. Oh I did watch it but I had to stand in the middle of our street in order to see it. Too many big trees otherwise. Lucky you being able to sit in comfort and watch.

  2. Hi G.M., lovely things you purchased at the estate sale. I love those kind of sales.
    I haven't had pickled carrots in years!
    Your flowers still look lovely.
    Have a nice day. It is pouring rain here.

  3. The stuffed squash looks good, and healthy. I hate to make something new and then be disappointed.Those pickled carrots look good. I love any kind of pickled vegetable. You get a lot done. Oh and the dishes are beautiful. I still have not found even one tea cup and saucer!

  4. The dishes are lovely! What a nice find!
    No, I did not watch the moon last night, too sleepy!

  5. I had a front row seat for the eclipse from my dining room window! I only saw the first part until the moon was totally eclipsed. Then I went to bed so I could get up early! :) Hope your pickled carrots turn out.