Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Dahlias and Dishes

I thought I'd start my post today showing you one of my Dahlias that normally has all its petals tipped in white.
However, the latest flowers have much less white and more purple. I wonder if the weather has had something to do with this.

Now, having shown that I actually mention things other than dishes I can go on to one of my favourite subjects....

This is my tea cup today. Another Royal Albert pattern, it is Blossomtime. By coincidence I saw at the thrift store this morning an entire tea set in this pretty pattern. The tea pot alone was marked at $80, there were 4 cups and  saucers and tea plates to match.  Too much for this shopper.

I like Marjolain Bastin's art in cards, book illustrations, and of course her china pieces. If you are not familiar with her you might like to google her and see some examples of her botanical art.
I have this little display in a sunroom window.

This lovely serving plate with her design will definitely not fit on that shelf but I will find the perfect spot for it. I couldn't resist buying it for a dollar.

There were other things I couldn't resist... like this cup, saucer and 7" plate marked down drastically. On the back of the saucer  it says The Royal Horticultural Society Applebee Collection. Perfect for tea time for one.

Here is yesterday's tea cup.... Lavender Rose by Royal Albert.  I like this shape of cup ( which is Montrose) because it  holds more than other teacups and because it's not so flared the tea stays hot longer.

Maybe I should quit calling myself Granny Marigold and be known as The Queen of Pretty China.

Thanks for bearing with me as I go on and on....

                       Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Still loving your teacup collection, but those dahlias are gorgeous!

  2. I can always count of seeing something pretty on your posts.

  3. Haha - you are hilarious! It is lovely to see someone thoroughly enjoy the thing they love. Those are sweet dishes. I have seen Bastin's dishes before, I'm sure in thrift stores, esp. the botanical patterns you mention, and they are very pretty -- I like that subdued, matte finish. The Blossomtime set is very lovely, an explosion of bloom!

  4. Well The Queen of pretty china you have excelled yourself today a real feast for the eyes. I LOVE the beautiful Royal Albert, lavender rose it is one of my favourites along with Country rose.

  5. Loving your tea cup collection. They all are so pretty! I have the complete set of Lavender Rose. Mom started me on it as a shower gift a tad over 50 years ago. The reason for the white tip loss on your dahlias could be the workings of the bees. Mother-in-law loved her dahlias but over a time they all would eventually turn burgundy red from cross pollinating. The red seems to be the dominant colour. Your dahlias are gorgeous!

  6. I have that first tea cup, too. I love pink.

  7. Lovely Dahlias and I enjoy seeing all your China:)

  8. I'm glad that I left the RHS Applebee china that I looked at on Monday, for you to buy on Tuesday, lol!!! You will appreciate it much more than me, although it did call my name...

  9. I like that white on the dahlias. I need to get my dahlia roots out of the ground. Thanks for the reminder!