Monday, 1 October 2018


October is getting off to a wet start. The rain shows no sign of letting up just yrt ( it is 1 P.M. now)
Oh well, I have enough to do in the house to keep me busy. Hopefully in a few days we can go back to sunshine.

The Autumn Crocus doesn't stand up well to rain. Luckily I thought of taking a picture yesterday.

           The Sweet Autumn Clematis is putting on its annual show of loveliness.

The Dahlias are somewhat bedraggled but when I look at them from the porch I can't see the
  leaning stalks, just the splash of colour.

I've decided to drink my tea out of a different tea cup every day in October.  Today's choice is a pretty cup by Royal Stafford.  Although I love the look, I do find that tea cools very quickly due to the wide shape.

Wishing you all sweet October days!

          Granny Marigold


  1. I can't wait to see all your tea cups! X Chy

  2. It rained here most of the day and is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Oh well, we need it! Your flowers are so pretty. I look forward to see all your different teacups!

  3. We are on the island, where it did not rain like it was in Seattle when we left this morning.

  4. It is supposed to start raining here tonight, but we do need the rain, it has been quite dry here. Your tea cup is lovely, and I love your idea of drinking out of a different one every day! Your dahlias are gorgeous too, so lovely to have their splash of color in the fall! Hopefully the nice sunshine does return soon for you :)

  5. Oh my, your flowers are beautiful!! Sadly mine are done for this year. The deer had them for a midnight snack.
    I like your sweet tea cup. It will be fun to see which tea cup you will choose next.

  6. What a lovely treat, to drink tea from a different cup each day. The garden is looking good such vibrant colours.

  7. "The Gold Vine" - Beautiful pattern. I love your idea of using a different cup each day! That's cool :) Your garden still looks very lovely.

  8. Your flowers are still pretty.
    Do you have enough tea cups for the whole month?!

  9. Your yard is still very pretty! The crocus do look very delicate, don't they? Well, if I used a different tea cup every day, I would be done in three days. :) You make me want to have a cup of tea in a pretty cup. Oh, I LOVE that big sunflower in your last post. I would love to go to that craft fair!!