Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tea Cups and Cake

Yesterday I chose this tea cup 'Lenora" for my lemon/ginger tea. I love the Autumn colours but I wish I didn't always think of Edgar Allen Poe's Lenore when I use it.

Today's cup is from the Flower of the Month series, and as you can see it has violets, which I am very fond of.

                    Here's a little cupboard holding some more of my violet collection.

Yesterday was my youngest son's birthday. I baked him a Black Forest cake but forgot to take a picture.. It looked just like a Black Forest cake.
Today is my oldest daughter's birthday and I remembered to take a picture of the Caramel/Apple cakes that I made. They are so easy and never fail to turn out because....

...they come from a box! A Duncan Hines box to be exact. The only thing I do is add 2 peeled and chopped apples to the mix because the apples included are few and far between.

                           It's almost the weekend; I hope you had a good week.

                                                Thanks for visiting today!!


  1. The cake looks good with the added apples. My Christmas cake is a Duncan Hines yellow cake with sour cream and golden raisins and a few chopped red cherries. Sometimes simpler is better.

  2. Wow! a cake mix! I haven't purchased one of those for a long time, because I don't make many cakes anymore, and when i do it's one of several cakes that there is no mix for. My daughter uses them all the time.

  3. I loved the Autumn colours of yesterdays cup, very pretty. Impressive looking apple cake, does it taste as good as it looks?

  4. Thank you for the cake recommendation in a box! I might get one of those for the next time I'm in charge of snack at church. It looks yummy ... but everything you bake looks yummy :) That Lenore cup pattern is so, so pretty -- I love the color combination of the yellow with red/cranberry. So lovely. Enjoy your fall!

  5. Oh yummy that looks delicious.

  6. I will look for that cake mix! Pretty tea cups! :)

  7. Oh, this is such a good post. Of course, I think all your posts are good. Your baking has got to be the BEST anywhere. It always looks so delicious. My mother would have loved your violet collection. She loved violets and loved picking little bouquets of violets.

  8. Love the advice from a pumpkin. Sounds good to me! Also, the caramel apple cake looks great. I would not have guessed it came from a box! Love the china, and Lenore seems like a good name for that pattern with such haunted, autumnal colors! :D

  9. Hello, my friend. I am finally back from our "adventure" and have had the sweetest time reading all of your blog posts that I've missed. First of all, I wanted to tell you that I am glad that you have your second cataract surgery behind you now. My husband goes back on Wednesday for what we hope will be his last check-up for a while. We are hoping he doesn't need to continue using eye drops for glaucoma in the second eye he had done. But if he does, we will be thankful that there are drops to keep the pressure down.

    I've enjoyed viewing all of your tea cups from each day's post. They are all lovely. I do love your violet collection and the display you have of the lady who does the cards and art work is also very pretty. You display things in such good taste.

    Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Your pumpkin pies looked delicious. Could you tell a difference in the taste because of the milks that were used? The apple half pie looked delicious as well.

    And your dahlias...oh my! They are beautiful. My grandma always had them, too, in her garden.

    Have a lovely week!