Thursday 27 May 2021

Blue Iris



It's a wet and windy day. Good thing I worked outside yesterday getting some of the weeds out.  So far this morning I've vacuumed the main floor and mopped upstairs. That should do for a few days. 
I made my grocery list for tomorrow's shopping and now at 9:30 I have the rest of the day to do as I please.  Can you tell I'm a morning person?  On the other hand by 6 PM  I'm totally tired out.  What is it they call us?  I know that people who stay awake until all hours are called Night Owls but I can't remember what us early birds are called. In any case, that's me.

Because of the wind and rain my blue Iris, which have the biggest flowers, have all bent over. This in spite of the staking I did. That colour of Iris have a delightful scent. I brought in a large bouquet and it fills the house with its wonderful smell.  For some reason Blogger is not letting me post any pictures today so you'll have to use your imagination to 'see' my lovelies.
Talking about the blue Iris brought to my mind a Mary Oliver poem.


It doesn’t have to be
the blue iris, it could be
weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
small stones; just
pay attention, then patch

a few words together and don’t try
to make them elaborate, this isn’t
a contest but the doorway

into thanks, and a silence in which
another voice may speak.


Thanks for coming by, I hope you have a great day!


  1. I also had lots of problems with blogger this morning.
    I love iris at the moment I have a brown and yellow one and they have a nice perfume.

  2. I've seen blue Iris in catalogs (like Gurney's) before...they're beautiful. I too am a morning person.

  3. I think Blogger is having a problem today. I have tried all day to post pictures and it keeps giving me an error message. Have never seen this before. Hope they get it fixed soon.

  4. You sure had a nice productive morning. I'm an early bird too. It's only 5:30pm and my yawning has already started for tonight lol. Beautiful poem! Have a nice evening. :)

  5. I can just picture the beautiful blue iris. I am a night owl, forced to live in the Early Birdie world! Makes for a slow-moving owl!

  6. We are on Whidbey Island today, where we have dodged the rain but the wind is strong and unrelenting. Not a good beach day.

  7. I couldn't post any pictures either.

  8. I love Iris!

    Even without photos I can imagine, that you have beautiful Iris in your garden and in your home.

    Sorry, that Blogger has a problem!

    I wanted to post this momemnt, and it was not possible to load photos. So I will wait - maybe tomorrow.

    The kind of poem is spiritual!

  9. I couldn't post any pictures either today. I left blanks and will try to post them again later.
    I'm like you and like to get things done in the morning too.

  10. Blogger will not let me post pictures either, and I just can do a post without more pictures than words. I was sure looking forward to seeing your blue Iris and I can imagine how a big vase of them would look and smell. Must be beautiful. Hope Blogger gets the problem fixed. First time I've had this problem. Oh, I am totally a morning person too.

  11. Sure wish I could see your beautiful blue irises. I do love those flowers. I can remember looking thru garden catalogs at the many different colors of Iris.....I think I bought a number of them. that was in our old house and we're in a condo so can't plant anything of our own. I used to have lots of rose bushes too....every color. bring back such fond memories don't they! I love peonies you have any of those?

    1. I do. I have a big old plant that produces so many blooms that we have to put a strong wire cage around it. The flowers are pure white with a dab of red in the middle. When it blooms I'm sure I'll post photos. Thanks, Diane, for coming by and leaving lovely comments. I do appreciate you.

  12. I used to be a morning person all of hte years that I was working. Since I retired I find myself up later than usual, sometimes one or two in the morning. Unfortunately I still get up by 6:30 to 8:00 so I'm not getting much sleep. I keep trying to go to bed earlier but usually find myself awake. Like tonight. It's 11:00 and I'm still up reading blogs because I just finished Bible Study with our group in Washington which is two hours behind. Only 9:00 for them!

  13. I've not tried posting today, but I plan to tomorrow so I hope Blogger is cooperating. Your iris sounds beautiful.

  14. I imagine your wonderful bouquet of irises in the vase ... wonderful :-))
    Here, too, everything in heavy water/rain and the small maize plants in the field thrive in long rows.
    I have three peonies in the vase ... from the flower shop, they haven't bloomed in the garden yet.
    Happy day to you Viola

  15. Had the same problem with Blogger but it's back to normal now. I too am a morning person so long as I haven't had a bad night, here in the UK we're Morning Larks.

  16. Blogger is allowing us to use our imaginations today. I brought in one Peony from the yard as it was tumbled over, I thought the stem was broke. While we didn't have as many as we usually do, they are still lovely and smell amazing. I get up early to by 7 I'm relaxing with my hook, and by 9 lights out. The best part of the day is early morning.

  17. She has the right attitude toward writing poetry :)
    Sorry about your irises!