Sunday, 21 August 2022

A Cat and Pies

 Almost 2 weeks ago we noticed a stray cat wandering through our back yard. It was very thin and afraid of us. I put out food and if I stayed 6' away her hunger overcame her fear and she'd come and eat. It didn't take many days before she began to look less thin and she ( yes, it's a she) allowed herself to be patted.   You can see how scared she looks in the first pictures.

 She has become quite friendly and would dearly like to come inside. I'm not much of a cat person and definitely don't want an inside cat but for now she's welcome to stay around.  My guess is that someone nearby moved away at the end of July and just abandoned her. That would mean she was on her own for close to 2 weeks.

Here she is sitting on the low roof outside watching me work in the kitchen.


 I had some frozen pie dough in the freezer and we had a box of pears that were ripening faster than we could eat them so I made a pear pie. There was enough pie dough to make a tomato pie as well.

That's about all that's happening here for now. The kids will be coming over  later in the afternoon to help me celebrate my birthday (which is really tomorrow ). 

Thanks for your visit and comments.

Granny M


  1. She is a cute kitty, she'll keep the mice pop down. Tell us more about the tomatoe pie? It is a savory dish I take it. I made a peach pie today, all of our home together today, a little bbq, and pie & ice cream for desert.

  2. I just read about people abandoning
    Their pets because of the cost of food,care.
    Thank you for being a decent human being and having mercy on that cat . May God bless you for your kindness.

  3. Have a great birthday celebration!!! What a sweet cat!! I love cats. She would be fed here, too, and welcomed.

  4. Happy birthday! I've never tried tomato pie, but it sounds good! I'm with you on not wanting indoor cats. But I do feed the barn cats on my deck. Our little female just brought her five kittens out to meet everyone. I'd say they're about six weeks old. The cat population fluctuates a lot. We were down to one tom cat and this female before the kittens. Most of ours have been strays that just show up.

  5. It is a big decision to take care of a new family member with four feet and a lonely heart. But she felt, that in your house is great peace and love. Maybe she will stay with you. Maybe you would miss her, if she disappears.
    Best greetings and have a very fine day tomorrow: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And this on your loundary-day!

    Blessings and thank you for being such a kind person -
    Your Dori from the Bavarian Forest

  6. Awe, she looks happy GM. The same thing happened to me a few months back with a dog. However, he had been taken care of and I guess just decided to venture out. Thankfully, he returned home after about 3 days. The pie looks delicious and girl...YES, I surely want some cooler weather around here! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. An abandoned cat adopted us a year or so again. We became very fond of Betsy Brown Cat. It was summer and we could cuddle her and feed her outside. But then our 'borrowed cat" Charlie/Mewdini, was released form Covid confinement and territorial as he is, he viciously attacked her. We took her to a shelter the next day. I really loved that sweet little kitty, but winter would have been a problem. I hope she found a loving home. Like you, we did not want another inside cat.

  8. What a cute cat!!! That tomato pie looks delicious! Can you share the recipe?

    1. Happy birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I love the cat!

  9. That's a really sweet kitty....I'm sorry you're not a cat person. I hope somebody will take her in and make a nice pet out of her. Thank you for your kind heart in feeding her! It's nice that she lets you pet her. I can't imagine somebody just abandoning a pet. Your pies look scrumptious, as usual. I agree....summer is overrated......I love Fall and Spring the best!

  10. Sounds like you have been adopted by the cute kitty. :)
    I've never had a pear pie.
    Happy Birthday.

  11. Thank you for feeding that sweet little cat. I sure hope she stays around. I don't understad how people can abandon their pets.
    The pies look delicious. I've never had a tomato pie but it does look delicious.

  12. Happy Birthday! I am not a cat person either but I would take her in — if I didn’t have the Yorkshire terror! She is looking much better thanks to your care.

  13. Happy Birthday to you. I hope you will enjoy a wonderful day filled with all that would make you happiest. Those pies look delicious. I think you have found a new friend in the little kitty cat.

  14. Happy Birthday Granny Marigold!🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️

  15. She is a cute kitty...I hope she is spayed. Poor little girl. There are so many strays in our neighborhood now.

  16. Above all, all the best on your birthday yesterday. I'm sure you had a nice celebration with your loved ones
    ... including delicious cake :-))
    It's so nice of you to help the little sad cat.
    Hug of Viola

  17. Hope you had a great birthday! Looks like one of your "presents" is the new cat! Your pies looks delish as usual though I am not familiar with tomato pie.

  18. Granny Marigold, I just wanted to say thank you! You visit my blog and comment almost every day, I appreciate it so much. I look forward to hearing from you. It makes it worthwhile for sure.

  19. Yummy looking pies. I have a glass pie plate just like yours, it used to belong to my mother so has seen many many years of use and is still going strong.
    I hope you have an awesome birthday and a very happy day :) xx

  20. As usual, I'm late to the party, haha! But happy birthday, MJ!! I hope it was a lovely day. What a sweet kitty! How precious that she can watch you in the kitchen through the window :) I hope she sticks around.

  21. Happy Birthday! You may find that you are a cat person:)