Monday, 8 August 2022

Lilies and Teacups

 It's another very warm day. For a while I puttered in my garden shed where it's cooler. I had watched the most recent post by Jeri Landers of Hopalong Hollow Blog and I was inspired to tidy up my shed.  (Because she was showing her lovely little shed). If you are not familiar with her blog you might want to check her out.

It's been so hot and dry that my Casa Blanca lilies are much shorter than usual. I could barely see them because of the taller Phlox in front of them  so I brought 2 stems indoors.  Having had a few bad experiences with pollen on my clothes I cut that part of the stamens off.


 When I was last at the thrift store I found this Royal Albert teacup that someone had hung from beaded cords and I just had to add it to my collection. The teacup is glued to the saucer and the cords that hold the teacup are fastened to pennies glued to the saucer and have holes drilled in them. It's hard to explain and I'm not sure if you can see what I mean.  Against this very busy background you can't see much of it at all so I recruited DH to hold a white piece of wood behind it. 


I've been having trouble commenting on certain blogs and I wanted to let explain why I'm not commenting even though I'm reading them 

Latane Barton's blog Accidentally Aging is one of them and HWIT BLOG  is the other. Ladies, I'm trying to figure out why I'm not able to comment. Maybe someone has  some suggestions?

That's it for today. I hope your week is off to a great start. Let me know what you're keeping busy with.



  1. I like the tea cup purchase. And bouquet at your bedside. As for blogger (I'm assuming they are blogspot blogs) would get their act together and fix what ails them!!!

  2. I am always amazed at the lovely displays of wares at your thrift store. Our thrift store just plunks items on any available shelf - definitely no merchandising or eye appeal! I can see why you find such treasures at yours! I imagine the suspended tea cup is meant as a bird feeder?

  3. Cute idea with the tea cup.
    Sometimes if you don't wait until the blog is fully downloaded a comment disappears. Wait until it is fully loaded before trying to comment. You also may not be seeing your comment because it goes into the spam folder. The blog author can see it if they go into their spam folder and will be able to publish it then. Hope this helps.

  4. Your white lily is very pretty on the bedside table. What a unique idea with the beads and tea cup. I wonder if it was used as a bird feeder? I was having trouble commenting on Lorrie's blog for a long time and then one day I was able to. Never could figure that one out. Just glad I am now able to leave comments. I'm keeping busy with getting caught up after being away for vacation.

  5. I will try to explain it the best I can. I can leave comments on both of those blogs but only from my desktop. I cannot leave a comment from my I pad and I have not tried my phone. Both of those bloggers have chosen the embed comment form where they can reply right under a comment. If they changed to a comment form pop up you would be able to comment. I have in my settings and under comments selected pop up from the list of Embedded (the one that is causing the problem) Full page, Pop up Window and Hide. As far as I know Blogger is aware of the problem but just doesn't care.
    That Lily powder can ruin lots of clothing and it is messy!

  6. I have a wordpress account also, if it gets to bad here I'll bail. Shouldn't be this hard to comment, I have to sign in sometimes again, and sometimes it goes as annonymous, which some bloggers don't allow. Pretty tea cup, right up your alley. The lily is lovely, I'm not a fan of the aromas of lilies.

  7. Your lily blooms are lovely and perfect against the soft bedding. I haven't been over to Jeri's channel in so very long! I tried needle felting without success, but she is a master of it.

  8. Many of us do have problems with blogger and commenting.
    Many comments do go into spam (even when they are not spam) so always check your spam folder.
    ... and yes, there are a few blogs where I cannot comment either, it is frustrating.

    All the best Jan

  9. The flowers are gorgeous.

  10. I had a teacup that was so beautiful but was glued to the saucer and I think I finally gave it back in a donation.