Wednesday 17 August 2022

National Thrift Store Day and My Morning Walk


Yes, August 17 is National Thrift Store Day.  I think I should honour the day by paying a little visit to one of the nearby ones. It's only right.  If I find anything I'll let you know.

It was another lovely cool morning for our walk. Can you see the turtle on that rock? And the up-ended duck?



One of the Canada geese ( the one on the left)  is much smaller than the rest. It's definitely full grown but obviously didn't grow as big as the others. I should have gotten a better picture.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my buttery and the stained glass window. That was a garage sale buy a number of years ago. I got it for a low price because the middle frosted glass has a large chunk missing. The glass bird isn't part of the window. It hangs from the ceiling on fishline.

Ellabie commented on how neat my pantry/buttery looks. That's because I asked my DH to make doors on the north wall where he had originally built open shelving. Which I couldn't keep neat. Now it's all hidden!!
And I mistakingly called my samplers needlepoint but they are counted cross stitch.  Thanks Karen for pointing that out. 

The morning was cool but the sun has very rapidly changed that and it's predicted to reach 33C ( 91F).
I've been outside deadheading and  checking which plants absolutely need watering. I'll go out in the cool of the evening to water those.
I hope your Wednesday is going along nicely and you're taking time to sit and enjoy the day.

Granny Marigold


  1. Having had my ingrown toenails worked on yesterday, I wasn't ready to go for an early morning walk so I decided to reintroduce my legs to the stationary bike I keeo in the garage. I got up early enough to open up the garage and cool it down and then did 7 miles. I feel it in different places, but it was good.

  2. Your real temp is about what we have in South Texas today. But the heat index along the coast is 108°.

    That photo of the lake is so tranquil looking!

  3. Oh poor little goose. I wonder what happened to it? Hope it's siblings don't pick on it because of it's size.

  4. I missed National Thrift Day, hope you find something lovely and teacupish!

  5. I love how you can have a nice cupboard with doors, not everything needs to be seen and it helps things look peaceful and neat really! what a much smaller goose! a national thrift store day?! love it! :)

  6. GM, oh I love me some spuds, any which way. Mashed is my favorite, but I like them boiled, scalloped, fried, roasted, anywhich way. I like potatoe salad but don't make it. I have canned ones in case of emergency, like a potatoe shortage :), you can put some butter on them and they'll be good enough to fill a belly. Potatoe soup, loaded mash potatoes.....oh my ! I never met a potatoe I didn't like, I still make them like we have a houseful......shh don't tell. :) Queen Ann taters are good too! ( called twice baked)

  7. I did see the turtle on the rock. Mornings are such great times for walking!!

  8. Yes: now I see the upended duck. And with a little bit of imagination I also see the turtle.
    Till now I did not know, that there are "Canada-geese"! O yes, one is much smaller! Maybe she got less food from her parents?
    We also had 32 C today. The country is completely dry, but on Friday we expect some strong rain. The forest will be happy, and our garden, too. Ma

  9. I do see the turtle and the duck diving for something good to snack on! We're still so hot on the Texas coast, humidity makes it worse. Cooler weather is coming!

  10. Cute pictures of the upended duck and turtle, geese too! I've missed you my friend. I've read your posts but it's sure nice to be able to comment again. Next time Dennis and I travel I'm going to try to remember my laptop. I completely forgot to put it in the camper! We had a much cooler day today and it was wonderful. I'm sure enjoying having the windows open.