Thursday 12 November 2015

A Storm and some thrifty finds

We are having awful weather!  A wind and rain storm is beating down on us. I saw on the news that ferry service to Vancouver Island is cancelled. Shelters have been found for the homeless to go to.. Very nasty night to be out there.  I'm very happy to hole up safe and warm ( and know that we have a generator in case the power goes out).

A trip to the thrift store was just what I needed today. I was looking for yet another Susan Branch book.... and I found it ( the top one is the 'new' one) . I now have these three. Don't you love her illustrations?

HGTV magazines are my current favourites. Sometimes, by the end of the day, when I can't read my book any more I just want to page through a bright and cheery magazine that I didn't have to pay $6 for.   At .25 each these are great and when I'm done with them I'll either pass them on to my daughter or take them back to the thrift store.

Also found these pretty home sewn placemats in a set of six for all of 3.50.  The floral side is not so Christmassy that I won't use them all year round. 

 The reverse side has a holly design which obviously will be for the holiday season.  Once I've washed them and maybe touched them up a bit with the iron they'll be ready to use.

I hope you're warm and cozy this late Fall evening.  Thanks for coming by and seeing what I'm up to.

        Granny Marigold


  1. Great finds! I wish I could find magazines at my thrift store!

  2. Great Bargins!
    We are having a nasty wind storm right now too.
    We are off to one of my favourite thrift stores today. Always great deals on books.

  3. Wow, your thrift store has great stuff! Stay warm and dry!

  4. Yay for Susan Branch! That was QUITE a storm you had.

  5. Wow what great finds! I adore Susan Branch. I can never find anything at the local thrift store.
    Stay safe, warm and dry
    Phoebe x

  6. You seem to find great things at your thrift store! We had some windy weather and rain too and now it is cold! Nancy

  7. I heard it was stormy your way! About your comment on my soup, I did make a recipe once a long time ago, it is on the blog someplace complete with photos. I made up the recipe for a granddaughter who wanted to know exactly what was in it and how much of each ingredient. I don't use it I just dump and stir and taste my way through:)

    1. That is exactly how I make my soups... dump and stir and taste until it seems about right! I will go look up the "real" recipe on the link you sent though.

  8. I found the recipe. Google is marvelous.