Tuesday 17 November 2015


We are in the middle of a rain storm today. Besides the rain we also have strong gusty winds and the power was out this morning for an hour or so. Fortunately we have a small generator that can run lights , the furnace, as well as the fridge and freezer.

Obviously I didn't go for a walk today. I've been tidying things ( a never ending job) and generally keeping myself occupied. I am between books at the moment but the latest Louise Penny mystery is waiting to be picked up at the library.  Since I also need to pick up milk I may just go get the book . Has anyone else read any of her books?  I find she has great story lines but some of her characters I find so absolutely dumb that I have vowed not to read any more of her stuff. Then she writes another book and I think...Oh, I'll see how this one goes.

Nothing much to blog about today so I'll just wish you all a great week!



                                                           Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! It has been a dreary rainy day here also. I sure wish we had a small generator. What brand is yours? I don't care for mysteries so have never read any of the Louise Penny books. Hoping the sun shines tomorrow for you! Nancy

    1. I will find out what brand it is tomorrow so check back here.

    2. Nancy, the generator we have is Champion brand and according to the booklet it came with it has 9000 starting watts/ 7000 rated watts
      Since I don't know what those figures mean I'll just send them on and hope this info helps.

  2. Hi! I thought I'd come and check out my newest follower. Looks pretty comfortable here, so I'll be back.
    We spent the day driving around running errands, and getting things done that have been on the list for awhile. We didn't get out for a walk today either, but we did get around!

  3. Hi G.M. we are having the opposite kind of weather you are, sunny and warm.
    We also have a generator. When we were living in Nova Scotia we had a hurricane go threw and we were 8 days with no power. We have had a generator ever since.

  4. I always enjoy your posts. Supposedly, we have rain coming in tonight with a possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow morning. It is dark and gloomy here right now.