Saturday 28 November 2015

Decorating begins

                          The living room tree is up and decorated in white.

 I got out the Christmas throw and pillow with the pins on it.    

               The Teddy Bears got their little tree and special tea set.

              The dining room has a few Christmassy things too.

Tomorrow being the first day of Advent I'll get out the Nativity sets and the grands will set those up. The sunroom tree is all done as well. I'll have pictures of that tomorrow.  

Hope you are having a great day!     Granny Marigold


  1. Your living room tree is so pretty. M&M are coming today to help put up our living room tree. The Charlie Brown tree is already lit in the den! Your throw and pillow are pretty also. The Teddy Bears and their little tree are cute too. Enjoy the season Nancy

  2. How pretty! How do you keep everything so neat? I started decorating today too but got very little done. Having brown leaves a foot deep all around the house takes away from the Christmas look, so I finished raking the front yard first. Leaves continued to fall as I raked!!! :)

  3. We put some lights on the house yesterday. Some left to put on the gate yet. For me, two weeks before Christmas is plenty early enough to put up the tree.

  4. It's so much fun to see all of your pretty things! I can just see you poised on the starting blocks, waiting for the right moment to start the Christmas decorating. :) I may look for a little tree like your bears have. I like table-top trees. Beautiful decorations! I look forward to more pictures.

  5. It looks like you and I were doing the same thing today! I'm not finished yet. We're early and we have time to enjoy decking the halls, don't we? We do have to stop and do the everyday things, too!
    Your tree is very elegant and the teddies are darling!

  6. Ohhh...Everything looks so pretty..I cant wait to put mine up this week
    Phoebe x

  7. Well, we got the house cleaned and decluttered and ready to decorate. I'll begin tomorrow.
    I love your teddy bear tea.

  8. Sorry to sound so Scrooge like in my first comment! Your bears and their little tree are very cute, and I like your white tree:) I smile at your sideboard, ours has that same round mirror in the middle of the back.

  9. Oh my goodness, everything looks lovely! The Bears little tree is wonderful.

  10. You are in the decorating mood! Looks good! :)

  11. Nice to see the tree up. Bringing back lots of memories! -A

    1. We're SO going to miss you at Christmas ( not that we don't miss you at other times ) love you, gran