Sunday 22 November 2015

Simply Sunday

Christmas is just a month and a few days away and I'm starting to put a few things out, beginning with this wall hanging which hangs in the front hall. This is where the grands put on their outer wear and leave for school so they have really enjoyed looking at this quilted piece while they wait to go.

The littlest and his granddad put up the tree in the sunroom. The decorating will wait until Thursday because the grands have no school Thursday and Friday.  

After the tree was up we walked to the nearby school ground where the boy and the dog had fun running around on this nice November day.  Chilly, but still not that cold. ( That's his orange ball that Bracken is carrying around)

I noticed that the school has now put up a couple of "Buddy Benches".  Have you heard of the idea?  Children who are looking for playmates can go sit there and others then know they want to be included. Isn't that a great idea?  

I hope you're having a peaceful Sunday and are ready for the week ahead. I know that for my American friends it's going to be a busy one as preparations are made for Thanksgiving!

Thanks for coming by.  Comments are always nice so I know you were here.

          Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! That is a lovely quilt. Did you make it? Your grandson and dog make nice company for each other. Looks like a well behaved dog! I have never seen buddy benches before but what a grand idea. Does it help the kids? I think it would be nice to have buddy benches for adults when you move to a new area! It is hard getting acquainted as an adult when you move to a new area! Nancy

    1. Do you know, Nancy, I had the same thought that you had... about Buddy benches for adults. I do think that with a bit of encouragement kids can be shown how to include others in their games. I know our teachers are doing their best to instill this in the kids.

  2. You are gearing up for Christmas, with the grandchildren in mind!
    I love the boy and dog, and the idea of the buddy bench.

  3. The buddy benches are a great idea, I've heard about them before.
    Is Bracken your dog? I've often wondered, as you don't mention him much. The orange street hockey balls are Calli's favourite toy, as they were for our previous Lab.

    1. Yes, Bracken is our Lab cross, 7 years old and still thinks he's a puppy!

  4. I love your Christmas quilt. So pretty!
    Your grandson and dog look very cute together.
    Have a good week!