Wednesday 18 November 2015

Morning Walk

The morning after the storm dawned clear and on the chilly side. I expected to see trees down but I saw none.  A lot more leaves on the ground.

          The water level on the lake is high but with all the rain that is not surprising.

I couldn't resist picking up a few more leaves to bring home and press. I find them so irresistible. Pick up any heavy book in my house and you're almost guaranteed to find pressed leaves.
This afternoon I plan on baking bread and making a pot of soup.  What are your plans?

Thanks for visiting.      Granny Marigold


  1. I'm trying to get 200 cloves of garlic planted. Only a month late, but better than never!

  2. A pot of soup and fresh baked bread sound delicious. Here we are anticipating our first snowstorm of the year....if at least it would grant us a cancelled school day then there would be a silver lining in the cloud! If that is the case then I too will enjoy the day in the kitchen.

  3. Hi! Beautiful pictures of your walk. I spent the day having lunch with Gracie and doing errands and visiting a couple that will be leaving for FL in Dec. Nancy

  4. That's a beautiful place for a walk. We too were out walking on this crisp, clear morning.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I am a leaf freak too :)

  6. Hi G.M gorgeous photos! I have been known to have leaves in heavy books too.
    I am just making raisin bread right now. We have been having warm,rainy weather but that is to change by the weekend.

  7. You have such a beautiful place to walk. We didn't have a lot of pretty leaves this fall. Not like we normally have . I was looking back at some of your old posts. You have so many pretty things...your teacups and bears, etc. I looked at your first post and it was was Thanksgiving. Your table was set so beautifully! I enjoy your blog!