Sunday 8 November 2015

Sunday Drive

After yesterday's heavy rain we were happy to have a much nicer day today. We took a drive to see a young friend's new home in a small town some 50 km ( 30 miles) away. It is a brand new 3 bedroom lovely that I, who love my older home, was almost envious. Of course I couldn't fit very many of my shrubs and flowers in a teeny back yard so I'd better stay where I am. Anyway, we had a very pleasant drive.

Once back in town I asked my DH to stop so we could have a photo of these newly built townhouses. I love the look with no garage in sight and the way each unit is  a different colour than its neighbours.

Are you ready for the new week?  For some the fact that Wednesday is Remembrance Day and a day off work will be a bigger deal than for those of us who are retired. You could say that every day is a day off for us.

Thanks for visiting.

      Granny Marigold


  1. I love those townhouses, all the different colors. We took a drive today also, it was such a beautiful day.

  2. Hi! What a beautiful drive you had!! The outside of your friend's townhouse is darling but we are too noisy with our pet and my piano playing to live in something like that! Nancy

  3. Lovely photos...I really miss real Fall weather...just look at those mountains...sigh.
    I really like the town houses...I can definitely see me living in one.
    Thank you for sharing...have a great week
    Phoebe x

  4. Beautiful photos! What lovely looking townhouses. I love the fact that they are different colours.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. It was a pretty decent day, although I was disappointed that the sunshine we had in the morning didn't work it's way to White Rock. It was still a nice enough day to be set up outside at the market. Those townhouses are cute and much nicer to look at than some!

  6. We had a sunny, warm day. I wonder how much longer this can go on? :)
    I look forward to every day being a day off!!!

  7. Pretty drive I like the different colors of the townhouse too...but those multi levels would never work for us:)