Sunday 1 November 2015

Random Stuff

It was a wet beginning to a month ( make that a season) that will no doubt be mostly cloud and rain. Nevertheless we walked this morning. Not many people in the park.

I'm so glad Halloween is over. My poor dog was not thrilled by all the kids on the street nor all the loud firecrackers which continued on until late. Did I ever share the story of the time we had a transformer blow on the power pole just down the street ( quite a big bang) and Bracken was so scared he hid?  It's very hard to find a Black Lab in the dark. He wouldn't come out from his hiding spot ( under the laundry tub of all places!)

I baked apple muffins this afternoon. Didn't take any picture of them. In fact I even forgot to take a picture of youngest son and his bushy beard which he was going to go home and shave off for Movember ( I'm assuming he was leaving the 'stash).  In case you are not familiar with Movember, Wikipedia says that it is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues.  The funny thing is I thought it had to do with showing support for your favourite sports team.  Hmmm  I must find out which it is.

What I'm reading these days is Still Alice by Lisa Genova. The back of the book sums it up this way: a moving and vivid depiction of life with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. I first read it quite a while ago and wanted to reread it before seeing the movie.  Two other books by the same author are Love Anthony ( about a boy with autism) and Left Neglected. Both books are very interesting and well written.

Considering I didn't know what I was going to blog about I've managed to ramble on.
Happy beginning of the new week!

                Granny Marigold


  1. Your rambling is very interesting though. I love the story of the black Lab under the laundry basket. We had a black Lab a few years ago named Splash. I like the name Bracken. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Happy November! Grey and gloomy here typical for November in Minnesota. Here many of the men grow full beards for a contest call Jack Pine has to do with hunting. Most men do not shave until the hunt is complete. There sure are some scruffy looking beards out there! :)

    1. My son put me straight on this Movember thing. It IS to do with men's health issues. It's during play-offs men grow beards for the duration. Obviously I was mixed up ( not the first time nor the last, I'm sure).

  3. Lots of firecrackers/fireworks going off out our way too. Our dogs were not impressed, didn't want to be outside, and it's kind of maddening since the fireworks are illegal. Many years ago our little terrier disappeared when there was thunder or fireworks and we finally found her in the crawlspace of the house next door. She had forced herself through a tiny hole. Never left her out again after that. I know of two neighbours who lost their dogs at Halloween, and they dogs were never found. Sad:(

  4. The books sound interesting. Adding them to my list! :) Hope Bracken has stopped shaking in his boots. ;)