Wednesday 9 May 2018

This and That

When I tried starting my computer today it wouldn't do anything except inform me "Your computer will not start". As if I didn't realize. Called my DD and with her encouragement I pressed a few keys and was "told" it was now repairing itself. It worked fine yesterday so how could anything go wrong overnight!!  Anyway, now it's working fine again.

Here's my morning visitor, grandson M. He visits most mornings before school.
He's hiding his face or I wouldn't be able to post the pic of him.

               One of my bigger Teddy bears wearing her new thrift store dress ( .50)

When I woke up this morning it was cloudy and looked like rain so I decided today was the day to wash the living room windows and lace curtains. 
I have a mix of real and artificial plants in front of the windows to block the view from cars as they drive by. I used to have  full-length sheer curtains but I changed to these little "toppers". It's nice to have that job done for another year.

More Lilacs, these are from my very tall lilac 'tree'. My son climbed on the playhouse roof and used a long cutter to reach them. I know I could cut the tree down and hope it would regrow but I'm afraid I'd kill it. By now it has a trunk like a man's leg and no low branches at all.

     I finished my day's work by mixing up a batch of cheese biscuits and one of pear muffins.
I hope I haven't bored you with my rather mixed-up post but that's the way life is some days. A bit of everything.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely evening.

Granny Marigold


  1. How nice that you get to see your grandson in the mornings. I love the new dress on your bear. I love to see people with teddy bears and dolls because they always seem happy! I have never hear of pear muffins but they sound good. I knew someone once that made pear preserves and they were delicious! Have a good week!

    1. I make a ginger pear jam that is a favourite with some of my customers!

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy day. I washed my kitchen windows yesterday... amazing how much better I can see out of them now!

  3. Don't you just hate it when your computer isn't working! Kind of ranks up there with car troubles, haha ;-) Couldn't get ours to work, nor the monitor either, so dragged both of them into Mike's Computers. They tested them, both were just fine, took them home and away they went. Well we were happy, but puzzled! Do you share your baking with family, I'd weigh 50 lbs more with all that temptation, it always looks so good!

  4. Technology problems are no fun!! Glad you were able to get it fixed relatively easily. Your lilacs are beautiful! Ours are nowhere near ready to bloom yet.


  5. Bargain outfit for your bear and she looks adorable in it. What a joy to see the lilac and the baking looks so tempting.

  6. Sometimes computers have minds of their own.
    Your baked good look delicious and making me hungry. : )

  7. this and that..:)
    love it..
    pretty lilacs,
    and fun with your grandson..a big boy..

  8. I like the idea of plants giving you some privacy instead of curtains. The baking looks scrumptious as usual!

  9. Yum! I love your baking! Your teddy is looking fancy!

  10. It's wonderful you have family around to eat all the delicious things you bake - we'd be in trouble around here (well, we often are) with so much yummy baked things!
    You mentioned about replying to comments. I've been sending an email reply to nearly every comment I get on my blog, but you're right -- it's too much work. Then I realized that other bloggers don't do that! So I may cut back.