Monday 24 April 2023


It was a day for flowers!  I took this picture in the park this morning.

 We planned to go to the plant shop and stopped on our way to buy some daffodils at a roadside stand.

We arrived at the shop just as it opened at 9. There were just 4 other vehicles in the parking lot. By the time we left 40 minutes later the lot was getting full!  We were surprised that so many were out on a Monday morning.

I know it's too early to be buying most plants but I got some that were on my list:  2 Early Girl tomatoes, 2 Hidcote lavender, 2  Heucheras, a mixed pot of  herbs ( mainly mint and Basil and something I can't identify) and a pack of tiny lettuces. These I have planted out in my little raised bed in the back.  Yesterday at the market I bought onion sets ( both red and regular yellow onions). I put those in the raised bed as well.

We've had  sunshine on and off today and the week's weather looks much more promising than what we've had so far. As we move into this last week of the month we can finally look forward to some fine days.

Thanks for coming by,  GM


  1. When I looked out the window this morning I noticed that a couple of daffodils had bloomed! The tullips can't be far behind! It's been raining here all day so no outside work today. I went to a local farmstand to pick up some herb plants that didn't successfully germinate for me and wow... I couldn't believe the prices. $5.79 for one very small plant and the medium sized hanging planters were $56! I'm going to check a couple of other places tomorrow and if I can't find more reasonable prices I will try planting seeds again. Hope you have a good week!

  2. You got a very good start on plants today.

  3. Garden centers are near the top of a list of my favorite places. Where ever I've gardened I've brought home more plants than I have room for and then have to juggle them about. No longer able to garden on my knees it takes a bit of planning to make things work, but so worth it to have flowers. We've had another chilly but sunny spell of weather so in no hurry to plant the veg garden.

  4. My dear husband starts also to plant some "babies" in the garden. We also have a good weather forecast for this week after Tuesday.

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get your plants and get them planted. We're having cold one night and warm the next. It seems the weather is very confused this year.
    Love your photo at the end. It's very true.

  6. So glad your weather is warming up. Happy Gardening!!

    Gretchen Joanna

  7. We also bought a few new plants Sunday, but not as much as usual because last year we had hard time to keep them alive because of the too high heat and watering costs a lot now.

  8. Every time we drive to town I buy another
    Love the flowers!

  9. How nice that you were able to find several plants on your list. I am really behind this season, but hope to bet out this week for the first load of plants.

  10. I can comment finally!!!@ Early girl tomatoes are my favorite to grow. Always a good producer. I haven't had much luck with lavender.

  11. We are on Whidbey Island for a few days. Yesterday we bought some plants for home and for the cabin garden, which suffered greatly from summer drought and winter flooding with salt water. We will be replacing with plants at the cabin that are drought tolerant.
    Today Tom is out in the cabin garden weeding. I feel bad about not helping, but getting down on hands on knees is not something I am cleared for yet.

  12. Louis Dean and I plan on going to the nursery in the next few days to buy bedding plants a couple of shrubs. I am enjoying spring this year more than I ever have before.